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Our family’s coat closet is “weary and heavy laden” with motorcycle jackets. They are a wearable history of my riding life. There’s the old classic black leather biker, faded and worn in places from miles and decades; the armored and thermal-lined textile that’s been across America with me several times; the Sedici Marco convertible gear that served me well out riding the Pacific Northwest a few years back with Ted; some lightweight summer jackets we’ve tested in recent years; and a couple of women’s jackets my wife and girls wear on the rare occasion one of them will go for a spin with me.

Yet I must admit, I’ve found myself more often reaching for my REV’IT! Restless brown leather jacket lately, for its comfort, versatility, protection, and just downright good looks when out riding. This might be my new favorite go-to coat for the street. It’s just so retro-cool. Makes this old fart look sharper than he is.

REV’IT! Restless leather jacket. 2017 Triumph Bonneville Street Cup. Perfect pairing. Let’s ride.

I’ve been riding with the REV’IT! Restless jacket for a few months now, and it fits me perfectly. I’m 5’8”, about 155 lbs wet weight, and the size 48 they recommended is fitted precisely for my dimensions. Around the waist, across the back and shoulders, the sleeves, the chest, it’s as if REV’IT! personally measured me and constructed the ultimate riding jacket for my size and riding style. It fits that well.

The Restless jacket comes in two colors, the brown I ordered, and in traditional black. Both have a score of nice features, like a full zip-out thermal liner that snaps securely down inside the sleeves and zips in-out with ease, adjustable fasteners across the sides for tighter fitting, several deep pockets, and removable SEESMART CE-level 1 armor built in for the back, shoulders and elbows. And they stay where they’re supposed to, unlike some other gear I have, that I constantly have to adjust the CE armor in.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 press launch, San Diego, CA. I’m sporting the REV’IT! Restless Jacket and Davis TF armored riding jeans. Photo by Royal Enfield/Josh Shipps.

One element I’ve found odd is the way the front zipper is designed. Every other men’s jacket (and shirt for that matter) that I’ve ever worn zips, snaps or buttons up along the front right side. The Restless jacket, however, zips up from the front left side. My first thought was, “Did they inadvertently send me a women’s jacket?“ I looked it up in their online catalogue, and nope, REV’IT! doesn’t make the Restless in a women’s cut. It’s not really a big deal, but I just found it an odd design decision. I also thought a couple of rear zippered vents would be good for hot weather riding, as increased airflow would help in the heat of summer. Yet left a little unzipped in the front and at the wrists allows sufficient breathability for my comfort.

Riding with my friend Neale Bayly, enjoying the comfort of the Restless jacket. And yes, my chin strap was unsecured. Rectified soon thereafter.

I’ve used the jacket in most of our recent rides and photo/video shoots, since it looks just so damn good. I ran into REV’IT! USA’s Matthew Miles at Road Atlanta recently, and he commented, “The jacket looks great on you, even speckled in bug guts. I like it! That means you’re actually wearing it a lot.” I certainly am. I guess the jacket is due a little wipe down, though.

My favorite jacket has long been my 30-year old black leather biker jacket. It’s adorned with patches and pins, and just represents my #ridelife so well. But I’m thinking the construction, protection, and attractiveness of this REV’IT! Restless might soon displace Old Faithful as my regular riding jacket. Sometimes the old wardrobe needs a little freshening, as does the old guy.

Rolling the Tail of the Dragon in the REV’IT! Restless jacket. So comfortable. Photo by killboy.com

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