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Over many miles and years, Rob Brooks has seen and experienced quite a bit of life. Rob’s love of his family and his friends, of motorcycling and his God have afforded him opportunities to connect with a wide variety of people. These pages reflect a small portion, a window as it were, into the past couple of decades in his life. Rob is no one special, no one famous. Just a regular guy who loves life, and wants to experience as much of it as the good Lord might allow. Along the way, the observations, the wisdom gleaned from others, and the insights he has gained are worth passing on, in his estimation. We hope you will agree. May you be encouraged, challenged, amused, and inspired by the thoughts, reflections, and experiences of this “everyman.” And maybe join him out on the road somewhere.

A lot can transpire in life across a decade. Sometimes changes come suddenly and in dramatic fashion, while other times change evolves slowly. Rob has experienced both variants over the past ten years of his life, so he decided to put pen to paper again and chronicle them.

In his first book, “Road Dirt: The Musings & Ramblings of a Biker Preacher”, Rob shared stories from his life of motorcycle riding and ministry. In this latest adventure, Rob recounts new roads, new challenges, and new experiences in the years since “Book 1”. Life has pretty dramatically altered for him in the past decade, and he thinks many of you can relate.
Let’s take another road trip together.