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Neale Bayly Rides: Neale’s Gonzo History Tour

We lived to ride and rode to live. We partied through the night, raging at parties till dawn. At the zenith of our insanity, Wibbly rode a Norton 850 Commando, and I was welded to the seat of a battle-weary 1978 Laverda 1200 Mirage, hopped up with Jota cams, bars, and pegs. Three trashcan-sized pistons sucked 105-octane gas and damp, rain-saturated air through filter-less Dellorto carburetors with the sophistication of a cement mixer, before hurling the exploded remains through a chrome Harris 3-into-1 exhaust.

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MZ’s Moto Memories, Part 1

While Frank and I were both into Kawasaki triples at that time—he had the ultimate mint blue 1972 750 H2 I always wanted—we made our money from buying up the “skid row” trade-ins that the new motorcycle dealerships in our area didn’t think were good enough to sell. That meant we had plenty of tired Yamaha Enduros, flogged Honda 750-4s with mini-apehangers and “king and queen” seats, thrashed Honda Elsinores, and rusty Japanese twins to sell. But one time, we bought a pair of really nice 1976 Kawasaki KH500s from a local Honda dealer who didn’t want to deal with them. They were orange and identical other than one of them had a sissy bar on the back. 

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Vanessa Ruck: The Girl On A Bike, And A Mission

Vanessa Ruck is on a mission- To courageously squeeze every drop out of life, and to help others overcome their adversities and step into courageous living as well. To quote her directly, “I’m on a mission to prove nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough.” Gauging from the many adventures in her young life, and the inspiration she is to so many who know her and follow her travels, Vanessa is realizing her dream. She is the one and only, “The Girl On A Bike.”

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Through The Lens: The 2023 One Moto Show

Our recent trip to Portland, Oregon for the 14th annual “The One Motorcycle Show” was a treat for us as photographers and motorcycle enthusiasts. This event has been hosted since 2010 in Portland by See See Motor Coffee family and its founder, Thor Drake. This year’s event was held again at the family owned Zidell Yards Barge Building, the last undeveloped property on the south Portland waterfront. The smell of dust, grease, and rust along with the industrial metal workings of the old building was a perfect setting for thousands of pilgrims to gather and celebrate all things motorcycle.

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Neale Bayly Rides: Addiction

My name is Neale Bayly. I’ve been an addict for more than 40 years now and don’t see any signs that I’ll ever recover. My addiction has driven me to the depths of despair and to levels of euphoria that only other addicts will understand. I’ve missed out on steady employment, making large interest payments, storage sheds full of shit and closets full of expensive clothes. When I go to sleep at night, I’m haunted by the memories that drive me further into my addiction.

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My Mechanical Mistress

I have a “girl friend”, a separate love interest, that I simply cannot keep my hands off of. This passionate affair dominates my life, is never far from my heart and mind, and oddly, my wife not only tolerates it, she approves, even encourages it. What a great woman.

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A Day At The Races

When I learned that the American Flat Track series was returning to Georgia, and Senoia Raceway no less, I knew I had to get down for the weekend. I wanted to witness the races of course, after a few years with no races in my state, but even more, I yearned to revisit the track of my youth. I spent the weekend at my mother’s place (my father passed away in 2021), not 12 minutes from the track. I arrived at the raceway early enough Saturday to get good parking, roam the paddock, say hello to some friends, then go sit in the stands where we sat as kids that very first race night ages ago. Decades later with AFT press credentials, I now ventured out through the gate down onto the infield, to drink it all in before the early practices and qualifying would begin. Standing in the center of the “bull ring”, looking 360 around the oval bowl, the childhood anticipation was welling up in me again, an old familiar sensation of, “When’s the races starting, Dad?!”

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Midnight in Metropolis

Steam was still rising from the titanic Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 floating under me. I had only stopped for a few minutes to wipe my sunglasses, have another cigarette, and figure out how the hell to find her again. It’s been three days of relentless rain and seven straight nights since I last saw her. She has jet black hair, blood red lips and hard green eyes that could turn me to ice under a dog-day sun.

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Through The Lens: Andrew Luker

Daytona Bike Week marked the beginning of the American Flat Track 2023 season. If you are a flat track fan, the first two rounds were not a disappointment. Round 3 will be in Senoia, Georgia on March 25th, a little closer to the home of Perhaps you’re planning on attending the races with family and friends. If so, you’ll want to wander the pits to meet the riders and gather some autographs. I am always a little star struck when attending a race to photograph these confident and talented men and women. Often, they are happy to make time for a quick chat and friendly banter. One such rider is Andrew Luker who earned two top 10 finishes at the Daytona Short Track in the Parts Unlimited AFT Singles class.

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