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MZ’s Moto Memories, Part 5

When I was about 13, I bought myself a brand-new 1972 Jawa “Cross 90” (that’s what it said on its sidecover) from Don Heida at Heidacycle in Fenton, Missouri. It listed for $275, about the cheapest new 90 one could buy at that time, and I paid an extra $20 to get some new Nitto knobbies on it in place of the stock Czechoslovakian rubber that it came with. Total price was $295 out the door. I even still have the bill of sale for it in a box in my garage attic somewhere!

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Riding For Perspective

I’m not sure if it was the feeling of autumn air or the fact that this has been a very busy year for me, but I was able to really enjoy the ride and reflect on so many things other than the tasks normally at hand. Riding seems to help me find new directions on various issues going on in my current season. The thought of just being able to ride and reframe some of these events and topics in a new way really did help create a healthy perspective and a refreshing of my soul.

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Neale Bayly Rides: A Moment of Weightlessness

Paralyzed by perception, the call confirming I would be riding Valentino Rossi’s 2005 MotoGP bike sent seismic waves across the phone lines, rocking and shaking the fabric of my known world. Seconds turned to hours, minutes to days, as every heartbeat began ticking down the time till I would take the ultimate motorcycle challenge. How could one motorcycle strike so much fear in my heart, and so categorically undermine every component of my life that represented stability and security? Not cut from the same cloth as Rossi, nor possessing the heart of a lion or the courage of David, there was no machine I had ridden that could have prepared me to ride Vale’s personal MotoGP bike.

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J.D. Beach: Determination Defined

J.D. Beach may very well be one of American motorcycle racing’s most versatile riders. He’s also one of its friendliest. We met JD during the AFT race weekend held at Senoia Raceway back in May, and chatted briefly with the affable racer between late afternoon race heats. Commenting about his love of motorcycle racing, JD quipped, “Dirt, track, motocross, you name it, I love riding and racing it all! I’m getting a little older, but as long as I’m still enjoy myself, I guess I’ll keep doing it.” And he does it well.

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MZ’s Moto Memories, Part 4

For those who don’t know anything about these, the Suzuki Tc-125 motorcycles were typical street/trail “Enduro” type machines of that era- a single cylinder, oil-injected two stroke with a high mounted front fender and motocross handlebars. What made this particular model so cool was it’s dual range 4-speed transmission, which effectively gave the bike 8 gears.

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Neale Bayly Rides: Knickerbockers, Hells Angels, & Two Miss Alaskas

So, dear reader, if you can, cast your mind back to 1986. If you weren’t born yet or were in kindergarten or similar, ignore that bit. At the time, I was living in Fairbanks, Alaska, the town of Ester to be more precise. Some of you might know Ester because of the world famous Malamute Saloon (or at least Kurt said it was famous) and as he was the cook at the restaurant who made sure that my traveling partner Karen and I always had breakfast, so for the sake of this story I’ll believe him.

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