Author: Ken "Hawkeye" Glassman

Distracted Riding

If we as motorcyclists rant and rave about drivers who are distracted by their phones, or fiddling with their sophisticated in-car infotainment systems, and who put our lives in danger every time we ride, we can’t be doing the same things while piloting our own motorcycles.  We’ve got to be totally focused on the road and our surroundings in order to stay as safe as possible.  We can’t decry driver’s behavior, but think that it’s okay for us to recklessly behave the same way.

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The Last Ride, Part 2- A Short Story

With the bike resting on the sidestand, I helped him get his left leg on the passenger peg, and supported him as he slowly swung his right leg over and settled in. I got on and fired up the Yamaha Virago’s 1100cc V-Twin. “You sure you’re ready for this?” I asked.
“Been ready for 20 years,” he called back.

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The Last Ride, Part 1- A Short Story

“What’ll ya have, Hon?” asked the large, round, 70-something waitress behind the counter as I placed my helmet on the open stool next to me. Her name tag said “Gertie”, and I think that was the name on the door above the large Diner sign. It was about 10:30 AM on a warmish sun-drenched summer Sunday morning, and I’d been motorcycle riding for about 2 hours on the Great River Road somewhere in Illinois, and was building up a hunger in my empty stomach when I asked, “Well, Gertie, tell me what’s good.”

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Moto Products: Star Tron Fuel Additive

There are a lot of gas treatments on the market that make all kinds of claims, so I’m always skeptical about them. I’ve seen and tested a lot of snake oil on the market making ridiculous claims over the years. But I had cause to spend some time at a trade show with the folks from Star Tron, learned about their product, and saw the testing data that they had about its effectiveness.

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Never in a Hurry

The overanxious sportbike rider had tucked himself right behind the left rear bumper of the station wagon and couldn’t see the possible danger.  I was now saying to myself, “Don’t go, pal . . .the wagon may have to stop and you won’t have room to clear the intersection.  Don’t do it, DON’T DO IT.” 
And then I screamed out loud in my helmet, “NOOOO !”

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