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Ural Motorcycles 80 Year Anniversary

So when I recently discovered Ural Motorcycles was celebrating 80 years of continuous production this year, I decided to dig a little into their history. Borne of war, during the bloodiest conflict of the 20th century, and designed for the harsh conditions of the European and Russian battlefields, the Ural has stood the test of combat and time, outliving every other piece of military machinery of that era.

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Legendary Bikes: 1933 Rudge Ulster TT

The only time I’ve ever viewed a Rudge Ulster TT up close was at the Throttlestop Museum in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. At the time, I’d never heard of the brand, and found it fascinating. Simple yet beautiful, spartan yet aggressive looking, the bike held my gaze for a few minutes, as I read up on its brief history via the info placard at the display. I love motorcycle racing, and the Rudge Ulster TT with its brief backstory intrigued me, so I decided to research it some more for a story.

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Barber Vintage Fest 2021- A Photo Essay

If you’ve never experienced a weekend at Vintage Fest, you really should make plans for next year. It’s truly a memorable experience, a walk back through motorcycle time actually, with bikes, brands, makes and models from all eras of motorcycle history. Every year I’ve been able to attend, I’ve found something I’d not seen before, or at least in many years, and the people attending are from all walks of life, every age, from across the country and really the world. I’m so glad Vintage Fest was back on this year, as it’s truly one of my favorite annual motorcycling events.

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A Brief History of the Cafe Racer

The café racer has long been a popular genre in the motorcycling universe, and remains a sought-after look and style among today’s “modern classic” offerings by so many brands. Editor Rob even owns an example of one in the form of his 2017 Triumph Bonneville Street Cup. So we decided to take a short dive into the origins of the café racer, to discern its lasting appeal to motorcyclists the world over.

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Legendary Bikes: 1923 Ace Four Cylinder Sporting Solo

The spectacular 1923 Ace Four Sporting Solo was the ultimate American 4-cylinder motorcycle. Its reputation was second to none, and for a time was the fastest production motorcycle in the world when it was introduced. The Ace was the final legacy of William Henderson, who had already established his machines’ reputations as the toughest and fastest motorcycles on earth. William and Thomas Henderson founded the Henderson Motorcycle Company in Detroit in 1912, and the brothers immediately established an amazing reputation for their machines as durable, fast and beautifully built—the “Duesenberg of Motorcycles” they were often referred to as.

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