Indian Motorcycle is shifting gears. Since reopening for business in 2013, the legendary brand has targeted the tourer, bagger and cruiser crowd with their array of Chief, Chieftain, and Scout models. But with the runaway success of their vaunted FTR 750 flat track championship-winning race machines, the motorcycle world has been begging for and anticipating a street legal version. 

The wait is over.

Set to release this year, Indian Motorcycle has introduced the flat-track inspired FTR 1200, a radical departure from their successful formula in recent years. The company had been hinting at a street version of their flat tracker since early 2016, with Indian R&D working hard to make good on the rumors. “We needed to make sure we delivered on the style of the FTR750,” international Product Manager Ben Lindaman said. “We had a world-wide focus group—we got a lot of feedback that the styling was right.” In our humble opinion, they hit the proverbial nail on the head.

The style, riding position, and aggressive tuning indicate Indian clearly intends to make a splash in the popular naked bike/streetfighter pond, well beyond the tried-and-true cruiser and classic tourer markets. Cycle World noted from the unveiling, “Peak power is claimed to be around 120 hp, and the torque curve shown at the press announcement is broad, with a slight double hump: an initial torque peak at a low 3,500 rpm, the slightest of valleys, and then a second peak at 6,000 rpm with 85 pound-feet.” The model’s slogan seems appropriate-

“Born on the dirt, Built for the street.”

From what we understand, Indian Motorcycle will offer the FTR 1200 in two iterations- the Standard and the S version. Standard will only be available in black, frame and bodywork, while the S will come in a variety of color combos, including the Indian Race red with white tank panels. Both will run with ABS, while the up-spec S will have a Bosch stability control system and multiple ride modes. Weight looks to be 488 dry.

Pricing will be $12,999 for the base model, with the S models ranging from $15-16,000, depending on paint scheme.

This bike will open new doors for the company. We fully expect to see more from this line in the years to come.

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  1. Kevin Gilbert

    That is a beautiful bike! I’m drooling every time I look at those pictures.

    • Rob Brooks

      Me too. Hoping to get a demo ride as soon as they come available here in the SE.

  2. Steve Sweat

    Has the Lawrenceville Indian Dealer commented on their rollout plans?

    • Rob Brooks

      Haven’t heard yet. We’ll touch base with them this week, see if they know a possible delivery date.

  3. Rob Brooks

    UPDATE: We are getting one for an extended evaluation! Indian Motorcycles, with the help of The Brand Amp, is procuring us an FTR this week. We’re very excited to finally have one to ride and write about. Stay tuned!


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