Building A 1:5 Scale LEGO Replica Motorcycle


Road Dirt editor Rob Brooks recently scored an amazing gift from Yamaha Motors USA in the form of a LEGO Technic 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP motorcycle, and was generous in offering for my grandson Parker and I to build it. Rob did have one request attached to the gift – “Please do a Road Dirt review of the build to share with our YouTube audience”. We happily agreed and on a rainy Saturday in mid September prior to our beloved Georgia “Bulldawgs” football game, my buddy 8-YO Parker Burrell and I began the build.

From the outset of the project while unboxing the parts, I began to wonder if we had bitten off more than we could chew. Parker began extracting bag after numbered bag of parts totaling 13, not including the two tires. The total number of parts listed on the box is 1478, for a builder recommended age of 18+ years old.

Parker has built numerous LEGO kits in the past, including FWD Jeeps and a few race cars but had never tackled anything of this magnitude. I had only worked with LEGOs as a child and more recently building random things with Parker and our two other grandchildren from random LEGO parts that have accumulated around the family over the years.  Even after unboxing and flipping through the 303 page instruction manual, he was unphased and began to dive in on bag one immediately.

This was the first project of this nature and scale that he and I tackled together as a team, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I stood by waiting for him to bring me in for assistance but alas, I ended up as his “Pit Crew” primarily staging parts for him as he powered through. Whenever I offered assistance Parker would pause, tell me to “hang on” as he would seem to stare at the instruction page and focus, then he’d sort through to find the correct part and continue the construction. It was amazing to watch him, I must admit. I was both impressed and proud of his overall approach to the build.

Parker’s excitement grew the more he saw the components of the transmission and engine come together and actually function like a working model. Progress led to more excitement which led to his speed in development of the bike elements. My excitement grew with his.

The first three days over two weekends covered about 12 hours in total build time. Our attitude going into our final day was very positive as we began to unpack and snap more parts together. Parker was cranking through the instruction manual pages at incredible speed and his excitement continued to build as the sub assemblies came together, the engine snapped onto the transmission then the trans and engine snapped into the frame.

Parker’s enthusiasm hit a new level once we got to the tires and wheels, swingarm and forks. He was able to apply all the decals to the requisite parts with ease and I was proud of how straight he was able to line them up. He’s got a steady hand.

As he wrapped the front end and handlebars – with functioning mirrors I could see he was ready to start playing with the bike as a real toy – this was about the time he had it pop a wheelie in the video (below). He could envision the finish line so after investing 6+ hours in the final day we had completed the build. The chain, transmission and engine all functioned per the instructions. We had a little perspective fun in the video and Parker couldn’t wait to show the final build to his parents and buddies.

Parker, you rock, little dude!

LEGO does an amazing job leading you through the build process with the illustrated instructions and even QR codes along the way to help you visualize what you are building. Along with their AR Mobile App experience, they’ve done a wonderful job of bridging the physical and digital world together for kids (and adults) to be able to incorporate a digital experience with their physical toy – almost as a reward for a job well done.

We say well done LEGO and Yamaha!

Parker and I want to sincerely thank Rob, Gerrad Capley at Yamaha and LEGO for the opportunity to spend some constructive quality time together. This was an exceptional experience for both of us and we believe you will also enjoy participating in a build of this Yamaha MT-10 bike. It’s a great way to introduce the next generation to the #RideLife!

Phil G. & Parker

*Check out the build video here:

Cycle World Athens


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