Author: Phil Gauthier

Record Your Ride Right

One of the few things (almost) as good as riding a motorcycle is the ability to share the roads, sights and experiences with others through video and with today’s tiny high-resolution cameras the options for riders are many and the sharing of content through the web is fast and simple.  But just because you can simply strap on a GoPro or mount a Smart phone on your bars doesn’t mean you should be sharing any and every video in your social media channels. There are a few basic production elements you should consider prior to uploading or posting your video so viewers enjoy your recorded ride as opposed to blowing their beer nuts while watching a jumpy, poorly produced video.

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2019 Daytona Bike Week

During our pilgrimage to Daytona’s 78th Annual BIke week this year my riding buddies and I experienced a few new ride routes in the area, larger than normal crowds and had the chance to introduce the event to some old friends.

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