The Road Dirt Crew rolls into Pro Twin Performance/Baxter’s Garage for a comparison of Rinehart Racing motorcycle exhaust slip ons and the new DBX Baffles for Harley-Davidson.

A few weeks after I bought my Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special someone asked “What are you going to do to make it yours?”  I wasn’t sure what he meant.  Later while on a ride a buddy on an older Street Glide riding behind me, at our next fuel stop stated “Man, we’ve gotta get you some sound on that thing. Those stock pipes are way too quiet.”  He then promptly lent me a set of Cobra slip-ons which he had replaced with Rineharts. I finally understood what they meant.  I had to make my bike look, ride and sound like I wanted it to.

Rineharts at Daytona

Fast forward a bit over a year to 2019.  Having heard the Rineharts on my buddy’s Harley, I went to Daytona Bike Week ready to roll her into the Rinehart Racing tent at “Destination Daytona” for a set of her own. I went with the 4 inch units and added the killer looking Moto-Series Merge end caps.  I could not have been happier.  It was a fortuitous event in more ways than one as I also got to meet Rinehart VP of Sales John Nowicki, who I’ve gotten to know even more in the ensuing months and years.

Rinehart Racing Video

Following my HOG Chapter’s trip to Rinehart in 2019 for a plant tour, John and I were able to spend some time together discussing the company, their history and their products providing the information for a previous Rinehart article in this publication.  

In June of this year John came down to Athens to present the new DBX baffles and the Rinehart story to our HOG chapter.  Following the meeting and demo of the DBX45 mufflers on a RoadGlide, we discussed the possibilities of doing a comparison which eventually resulted in the video install/review featured down below.


For the comparo, we procured four different pipes and baffle combinations to install and put to the test:

  1. The original stock Harley Davidson slip-ons with stock baffles
  2. The Rinehart Moto-Pro slip-ons installed in Daytona
  3. The new DBX 40 baffles in my Rinehart Moto-Pro Slip-ons
  4. The new DBX45 4.5” Slip-ons for the Street Glide Special

Road Dirt is fortunate to have wonderful relationships throughout the U.S. riding community and its no different in our backyard.  Kevin Baxter of Pro Twin Performance was kind enough to offer up a lift and a few tools for the making of our install and compare video.


We will let the video review stand for itself but in summary, the patented Harley slip-ons of course delivered the stock sound as expected.  It is Harley through and through – but still felt lacking in depth and character.  The Moto-Pro baffles sound good to me and I’ve liked the sound since I had them installed in Daytona.  I was pleasantly surprised at the difference in depth of sound the DBX baffles brought to my 4” exhaust units.  There was more pop and an angrier growl if you will. The 4.5” slip-ons with the DBX were awesome.  I really liked the deeper, broader sound that the larger pipes delivered. In the end however, I chose stick with the 4” slip-ons with the new DBX baffles. I really love the sound and it makes my bike an individual statement which, after all, is what we are looking to do – make these bikes a reflection of our individuality and taste.

Turn your volume up and give these a listen in the video, then share your thoughts and comments below! We’d love to get your take on the sound delivery for each set.


*For more on Rinehart Racing exhaust systems, click here: Rinehart Racing

*Huge thanks to our friend Kevin Baxter of Pro Twin Performance & Baxter’s Garage