We Reflect On Our First Year

As 2019 draws to a close, many of us pause to consider the year gone by, with all it’s triumphs and tragedies. We at Road Dirt have glanced back over our shoulders as well, contemplating our first year as a motorcycle publication. And what a year it was.

What began as a title for a book In 2013, soon became the header of a column I wrote for Born to Ride for several years, and eventually morphed into a dream of a new motorcycle media, focusing on what we’ve come to call, “RIDE LIFE”. Starting with an Anchor podcast, then building this online magazine site, finally adding social media and a YouTube channel, we’ve grown rapidly this year, adding writers, photographers and fans.

It’s been quite the ride.

My daughter Kelsey, a bit of a whiz with media, has created a “Year-In-Review” pair of videos, and we just had to share them here-

The first time I laid eyes on this, so many memories of the year flooded back. We connected with our west coast friend Ted Edwards, Wisconsin’s own Ryan Nolan, Dean Phelps up in Pennsylvania, and veteran Mike Boyd right here in north Georgia. Much thanks to our guest contributors as well- Darin Branton, Brandon Johnson, and Lloyd Clement.

We’ve enjoyed covering racing in MotoAmerica, Supercross, American Flat Track, and NHRA Motorcycle Drag Racing. Our crew has traveled to Laguna Seca, the Colorado 500, Barber Vintage Fest, the Meltdown Moto Show, among so many others.

What a year!

Kelsey then sent me this extended version with more clips from our year, a slightly different arrangement, and funky tune. Check this one out-

Which one do you like best? We can’t decide- we love them both! Share your comments down below the article.

Much thanks to our 2019 sponsors, who caught our dream and believed in us enough to invest in Road Dirt- Cycle World of Athens, Phoenix Roasters Coffee, and Flying Brothers Motorcycle Parts & Accessories.

We look back with fantastic memories, of the places we rode, the events we attended, but mostly, the people we met. And we look forward to 2020 with great expectation. We hope you’ll ride along with us, in person or vicariously, in the new year.

May you “RIDE LIFE” in 2020!



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