A New British Roadster Will Soon Debut


In a press release this week, Triumph Motorcycles unveiled the prototype of a new roadster-styled motorcycle that will go into production in the coming year, wearing the famous “Trident” moniker. The model name has been in use by Triumph over the years since about 1968, and graced a number of legendary bikes in their lineup.

picture of Triumph Trident

This looks intriguing…

Set to be a Triple-powered middleweight bike, the Trident design prototype looks to be a stripped down, minimalist, clean-lined “street fighter” style machine, with an unmistakeble appeal to the younger gens. Unveiled recently at the London Design Museum, the mock-up model showcased at the press briefing highlighted three key goals of Triumph’s design team with the new Trident-

  1. Triple cylinder power and torque rich performance
  2. Class-leading tech and confidence inspiring handling
  3. An accessible price point (we’ve heard in the $8000 USD ballpark)

We want a test ride. Really bad.

Apparently the design work for the soon-to-be production Trident has been in the works for about 4 years in Triumph’s Hinkley, England HQ. What’s also interesting is that they brought in the famous Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli, who helped design the Triumph Tiger 900 (spoiler alert: we’ll be getting one soon for eval) and the new Suzuki Katana, both of which are fantastic design achievements.

In their own words- “Introducing an all new contemporary take on Triumph style & attitude, the Trident design presents a pure, minimalistic form, with clean lines and uncluttered features that incorporates Triumph’s design DNA, with signature tank knee indents and key cues from our iconic Speed Triple’s muscular poise.” Incorporating their tried and true three cylinder engine configuration, Triumph states the Trident will “bring all the advantages of a triple to the category for the first time, with the perfect balance of low down torque and top end power.”

We’re hearing an early 2021 debut. Can’t wait.

From the looks of the press prototype, the ergos will be upright if slightly street fighter forward, with the bars at a somewhat aggressive angle for a roadster, and mid-mount pegs for rider comfort and control. No other data has yet been made available, such as the power it will make, weight, etc. Some speculate, based on the famed Speed and Street Triples in their lineup, that Triumph’s new Trident could produce between 120-140 HP, if not more. We eagerly await the opportunity to find out.

Looks like the rider tech on the bike, being contained in a single can up front, will deliver class-leading digital features, but be easy to learn, navigate and utilize for young and old.

A new Triumph street fighter will shake up the middleweight class, especially given their ethos of marrying tradition with modern. After riding a Street Triple 765, I love their roadster triple powerplant. This new iteration of the Trident looks to be a winner in our book. Can’t wait to get a test ride!


*photos by Triumph Motorcycles
*Check out the short promo clip they’ve created to tease its release-


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