Putting A Pair Of Rider Jeans To The Ultimate Test


Just like many things in life, riding a motorcycle comes with an accepted tolerance of risk. Much of the population veers far from it due to the fear of “what could happen” while others ride wearing nothing but their finest beach attire. From day one of buying my first motorcycle, I always told myself I’d do everything in my power to make smart, safe decisions. I understand it’s a dangerous hobby and that I’m not impervious to harm. Given my family’s fear of me riding, I’ve always been in the camp of ATGATT or “all the gear, all the time.” I dress for the slide knowing that everyone goes down at some point or another. No matter how careful you are or how short a distance you’re riding, all it takes is one distracted cager or personal mistake to ruin your day.

ATGATT- The only way to #RIDELIFE.

Think back to your single digit years of life. You’re rough housing with your friends on the carpeted living room floor and before you know it, you’re in a head lock and you’re covered in rug burns. Now multiply that pain by 10x and that’s the feeling of road rash. Ask anyone that’s ever experienced it- don’t risk it. Picking gravel out of your skin post-crash is bad enough but showering is a whole different story. You may as well bathe yourself in acid as that’s a close comparison to what it feels like. Many cases of road rash even require skin grafts. Now how about broken bones? Fractures as a result of a motorcycle crash is just “icing on the cake” that you don’t want to eat. In summary, crashes suck and you should do everything in your power to protect yourself.

Oftentimes, mutual friends reach out to me on social media sharing their aspirations of getting a motorcycle and asking for advice. My response is always the same- “Save up enough money to buy not just the motorcycle but also buy a quality helmet, jacket, armored pants, boots and gloves. If you can’t afford the gear, then you can’t afford the bike.”

The SA1NT Engineered Armored Riding Jeans, a great value for the money.

Ever since I started riding, I’ve always worn armored motorcycle jeans. Armored jeans are a non-negotiable for me just as a helmet is to many. While riding is an accepted tolerance of risk in my life, riding without gear is not. Traditional blue jeans from a department store may look rugged and feel comfortable, but the fact is they’d look more similar to a slice of Swiss cheese following a crash than a pair of bona-fide riding pants. Over the past two months, I’ve been wearing the SA1NT Engineered motorcycle jeans and putting them to the test. I’ve Boonie Bike raced in 95 degree temps, commuted to and from work, and ridden street bikes in torrential downpours. But is it really a gear review if you didn’t do a torture test? I even had my buddy drag me across a parking lot to test the SA1NT Engineered armored jeans for TRUE abrasion resistance, and boy did they surprise me (more on that later).

Some of the nice features in this affordable, high-quality riding jean. Photos by SA1NT.

SA1NT’s Engineered jeans are an entry price point jean starting at just $199 making it a great option for younger riders or those that simply can’t afford a more premium option. Out of the box, the Engineered jeans come outfitted with extremely flexible, lightweight CE Level 2 hip and knee impact protectors. The pants are constructed out of a slightly stretchier denim which makes for increased comfortability and mobility when it comes to getting on and off your bike. SA1NT claims these jeans are constructed with “Burst” abrasion and impact resistant zones, although it is unclear as to where the abrasion resistant zones are located. We’re assuming in the knees, hips and posterior.

In efforts of testing this, I attached a tow rope to the subframe of my motorcycle and had my buddy Carlos Rios drag me through a parking lot. He pulled me a total of five times at 20-30 feet of distance each pull. Leading up into the first pull I was extremely nervous. On the first attempt, no damage occurred. In the second pull, the right pocket ripped slightly. By the the 4th pull, the left pocket ripped and a small dime sized hole appeared in the back right pocket. On the 5th pull, two quarter-sized holes appeared in the seat. At roughly 125 ft in total distance sliding, longer and more concentrated than most average slide-outs would last, I feel confident that the SA1NT Engineered Jeans would protect against a slide on the streets, especially paired with the CE Level 2 armor. That said, user discretion is advised and I do not recommend replicating this test at home. This test was done solely to provide a simulated reality of how the jeans might protect a rider in a crash and slide.

Let’s go for a slide…

While protective capabilities are why we wear armored riding pants, it’s also important to look good and feel confident. If your gear isn’t comfortable and stylish, you probably won’t want to wear it. Luckily, the Engineered jeans feature pleasant design cues such as a leather patch on the waistband, YKK zipper on the fly, and reflective details on bottom cuffs and a back pocket. So how could SA1NT improve these jeans? The Engineered jeans are a bit heavy for my taste at 3 lbs 10.2 oz, which is 7 oz heavier than their Unbreakable jeans that weigh in at 3 lbs 3.1 oz. Given this, I might recommend upgrading to the Unbreakables and avoiding the Engineered jeans if you live in extremely hot climates. In terms of sizing, SA1NT makes sizes 28-40 and they come in either straight cut or slim fit. I measure 6ft tall, 200 lbs and usually wear size 34 waist but I sized up to a 36 and opted for the straight cut for the Engineered jean.

After numerous passes, the pockets tore, the seat area saw two small holes wear through, but for the most part, the pants saved my skin.

All in all, I can recommend the SA1NT Engineered motorcycle jeans to riders looking for quality CE Level 2 armor and abrasion resistance at the $200 entry price point. Do you currently wear armored jeans and if not, why not? Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out my personal YouTube channel & Instagram where I post Moto-Vlogs, bike reviews, industry news, and reviews on the latest moto gear!

Nathan “GenZ Biker” Baron

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