Some exciting, enticing footage of Triumph’s all-new dirt bike racer


Triumph Motorcycles has been teasing their work on a motocross motorcycle for a few years now, and we even published a piece on the R&D of it. Triumph is taking the plunge into the dedicated off-road space, not just with a dual sport or another ADV, but a competition-ready race machine. As the R&D has progressed, Triumph has shared videos of the chassis and the motor, which can be viewed on their YouTube channel. They shared a few photos with us of Ricky Carmichael and Even Ferry ripping around a dirt track astride a pair of the motocross motorbikes-

Ricky Carmichael kicking some dirt with the new Triumph Motocross bike. Photo by Triumph.

With Ricky Carmichael and Even Ferry on the throttles, Triumph released some photos and footage of the two putting the bikes through the paces at a motocross track, and discussing the characteristics they are picking up on with each subsequent lap. There’s still some refining before the bike is ready to go into full production we’re assuming, as we’ve still not received an official launch date. At some point, we’d love a chance top sample one for a review, as we have just the right “wrist” for the job- a local AMA motocross racer, our friend Jake McDonald of Moto Pros Cycle Shop who has done a number of “how-to” stories and videos with Road Dirt over the years.

Evan Ferry catching some serious air with the new Triumph Motocross bike. Photo by Triumph.

We’re excited to see this new Triumph motocross machine, as well as other upcoming enduro and off-road offerings, as the legendary UK bike brand dives into the dedicated dirt world. We wish them the best of success, and look forward to seeing their bikes line up with the pros in future Supercross, Motocross, Enduro and other international competitions.

For more on the development of the Triumph Motocross motorcycle, visit their YouTube channel HERE.

Road Dirt Crew

*Here’s some cool ride footage of the guys thrashing the bikes around in the dirt:

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  1. Roger

    Unbelievably short development time! Good luck to Triumph

    • Rob Brooks

      They’ve been working at it for about two years, so hopefully they’ll have factory teams ready to go in the 2024 season. We shall see…

    • scott bauer

      Where have you been? This has been a two year process with a team of people, R&D etc etc etc

      • Rob Brooks

        We’ve been right here, and covered it when they first made the announcements.

  2. Graeme Blore

    Another brilliant motorcycle by Triumph. They have incredible engineers & riders feeding back such great ideas and feedback. A company that really does listen AND innovate.


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