Neither winter nor weather could stop the racing


Last weekend, as yet another atmospheric river of rain pounded the west coast of Northern California, there was a gathering of off-season racers in the Sonoma Wine Country. Over 65 amateur, pro, and retired pro riders from hometowns as far away as Southern California and Washington State made their way to Grace Pavilion in Santa Rosa, California at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Former AMA rider Brok McAllister of McAllister Motorsports organized this two-day event, now in its second year.

Grace Pavilion has a coating over concrete that makes it perfect for use as an indoor short track. Stephan Nielsen of Neilsen Racing set up the track again this year. In order for the riders to get the most speed and keep the slide going, many modified their riding boots in a special way.

Racers introduced to the fans; A few of the winners in the “Best Boot Design Utilizing Carpet Remnants & Duct Tape” category.

There was a lot of close action in a small space and ear plugs were a must! Practice and heat races were in the mornings on both Friday and Saturday with the event open to fans in the evening for the Mains. The stormy weather on Saturday did not deter folks from coming out to support local heroes and family members.


Close racing on a tight indoor track. Easy to get a little sideways.

Some riders rode three different bikes in three different classes and Brok even put together a “Fast Girls Challenge” which showcased six riders aged 16 through 33. This event was also the first race out of fourteen for the “Running of the Buls” series. Seven Bultaco 2-strokes participated. There were also plenty of Masters and Senior racers having fun sideways too!


Kage Tadman sliding through Turns 1 & 2; Former AFT rider Michael Inderbitzin in the “Running of the Buls” class; Families coming out to support riders.

If you brought a bike to race, there was a class you could enter! There was also an E-bike demonstration race that had fans and riders cheering. The winner took home a sweet $100 purse.


MotoAmerica Super Holligan racer and local Shelina Morena, and some E-bike shenanigans.

The West Coast has many talented riders, and several came for the off-season fun.


AFT rider Shelby Miller took a fun win; MotoAmerica KOTB and Super Hooligan champ Tyler O’Hara welcomed the crowd.

Mark your calendar for next February and this family friendly event in Sonoma, California.

Barb Nickless
*photos by Geoff Nickless

Brok McAllister and former AFT rider and local, Stevie Bonsey and son, enjoying a moment with Jon Schaefer.


NE Ga Motorsports


  1. Sherman lee

    Great article. Always love reading Barbra’s stuff.

  2. Sherman lee

    Great article. Love the picture of Stevie & his son. Brok always puts on a great event.

  3. Sherman lee

    thank you Road Dirt for sending Barbra & Geoff to Santa Rosa. Amazing Nickless article. Love the picture of Stevie & his son. Brok always puts on a great event.

    • Rob Brooks

      We enjoy these features they shoot and report on as well!

  4. Steve Gregory

    This years event went smoothly as everyone was familiar with the facility and the track. Steffan did a great job on the track and cage, while Brok managed a well organized program. The event was professionally photographed by the best duo around, Geoff & Barb Nickless.. many riders drove from far away. Legend Sid Reed from Washington, #98 SoCal’s Mr. Rod Lake and others from Oregon, Nevada and our talented D36 Star Stevie Bonsey, and a D36 legend who has raced over 50 yrs, while moving up the ranks & piloting Army Planes, helicopters and also Private Jets, A Class C Pro and a Division 2 Speedway Rider #17G Rick Shafer. San Jose’s 2023 National Hooligan Champion ageless #16y Tony Alves. Terry Graham who’s raced everything with 2 wheels in 7 different decades. Many current and former Pros attended to watch these riders duke it out. There were vender booths such as the SDI Insulation-Racing, HD Shop, Law Tigers, apparel booth and food trucks. Everyone had a great time and appreciated Brok’s staff’s hard work. The grandstands were full as well as the pits. Cya next year 🏁

    • Barb Nickless

      Thank you, Steve, for the comment. We truly enjoy the sport and look forward to next year’s event as well. Let’s hope it’s not a soggy one!


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