A Neo-Classic Racer Revealed At A World-Class Moto Museum


While attending the MotoAmerica race weekend at Barber Motorsports Park, Road Dirt photog Dean Phelps and I had the unique opportunity to attend the unveiling of an entirely new motorcycle being debuted by MV Agusta. While up in the media center at race control, Doug McCloskey, the CEO of MV Agusta USA walked up and introduced himself, and invited me to a special “reveal party” to be held that night across the track in the famed Motorsports Museum. “We’d be thrilled and honored,” I assured Doug.

Later that evening, after a busy day on and around the track, Dean and I stepped into the “hallowed halls” of the museum, and were directed to the John Surtees exhibit, where Doug waited with several of his team, as well as museum staff. With press, MotoAmerica team members, museum and MV Agusta personnel present, Doug shared some background that led to this historic bike, the work it took to bring it stateside, and the cooperation with Barber Motorsports that made the evening possible. Beside the legendary Surtees bike that inspired the new motorcycle, Doug and crew lifted the cover and revealed the Superveloce 800, declaring this particular bike a donation to the museum. The design, lines, attention to detail, and clear tribute to the 1967 Giacomo Agostini 500/3 GP race bike it was juxtaposed by, the Superveloce is more than a beautiful motorcycle- it’s rolling Italian art, and perfectly blends the classic with the contemporary.

MV Agusta USA CEO Doug McCloskey unveils the Superveloce. So cool to be there.

The Superveloce is a masterpiece of Varese craftsmanship. From the single LED headlight in a classic conical bullet race fairing up front, through the sexy lines of the tank and bodywork, to the high and tight single taillight, the bike drips Euro class. I love the color scheme, the perfect tribute to the famed MVA racers of old. And those right side, upswept pipes! I wanted to hear that beast roar, echoing off the chamber walls of the museum. Alas, another time (future demo ride, hint).

Based on MV Agusta’s F3 798cc 6-speed, in-line triple powerplant, the Superveloce makes 148 hp at 13,000 rpm, with 65 foot lbs of torque at 10,600 rpm through an O-ring chain final drive. MV clearly designed this bike to be a rev monster. The liquid-cooled engine sports four valves per cylinder, while bore and stroke measure 79mm and 54.3mm respectively, giving the 800 a dynamic 13.3-to-1 compression ratio. The 4.36 gallon tank is carved to give riders nice slots for tucking in knees and moving around on the seat when diving through corners.

The Superveloce is equipped with the best in tech wizardry, with an electronic-assist shifter and slipper clutch to begin with. That means little to no clutch gripping and rarely rolling off the gas, should you so choose. It also sports a ride-by-wire throttle with an MV Integrated Control System, a 4-profile torque control and 8-profile traction control. To say this bike’s ride is highly customizable would be an understatement.

What a gorgeous motorcycle. And the perfect setting to unveil it.

Riding on premium Brembo brakes and inverted Marzocchi forks with a Sachs monoshock, adjustable fore and aft, the Superveloce runs a Bosch 9-plus ABS with a Race Mode equipped with a rear wheel lift prevention.

Eye-balling this bike up close, I think MV Agusta nailed the “Neo-Classic Racer” moniker the brand gives it. Totally modern, with a taste of that old “cafe racer” flavor, the Superveloce is a race bike for the road and not just the track, just like our dads and grandads scurried around on back in the day. I love the front fairing shape that reveals a portion of the steel tubular trellis frame, and the single-sided swing arm revealing that fine aluminum cast 17-inch rear wheel. Such beautiful touches.

Pricing coming in at around $23K in USD, the MV Agusta Superveloce will be a bit pricey for many riders, but hey, it’s high class Italian! We think there will be a definite market for it here Stateside. We hope to have the opportunity to take one for a spin at some point, which should be quite entertaining.

Some press shots, courtesy of MV Agusta.

Again, we want to thank Doug McCloskey and MV Agusta USA for inviting us to the unveiling at Barber Motorsports Museum. It was a true thrill and honor.


*photos by Rob, Dean, and MV Augusta

To check out more on the MV Augusta Superveloce, visit their website link here:



  1. Dean A Phelps

    Great video!

    • Rob Brooks

      Thanks Dean! Glad we could be there for it!


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