The Legendary Brand Builds An “ADV Crossover”

Royal Enfield pulled the wraps off a new motorcycle they’ve developed, called the Scram 411. A more street-oriented version of the widely popular Himalayan, the Scram 411 is being billed as an “ADV crossover” by the brand. In the vein of the scrambler genre many motorcycle manufacturers have been churning out in recent years (Ducati Scrambler 800, Triumph Scrambler 1200, etc.), and the long history of on/off road, high-piped scramblers of old (remember the old single thumper Honda scramblers of the 60s-70s?), Royal Enfield thought their Himalayan, with its 411 single-cylinder motor and Harris Performance chassis, would be the ideal platform for their own interpretation of the style. In their words, “the Scram 411 combines spirited agility on urban streets, with competent rough-roading capabilities. Focused and purposeful changes in the riding geometry and ergonomics make it ideal for in-city riding, as well as unpredictable, challenging trails off the urban grid.”

Unveiled via press releases early in the week, the new Scram 411 is already available in India, and will be available in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America later this year. The Scram 411 is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. late summer/early fall. Pricing and color/accessory options will be announced in the coming months, we’re being informed. We like the looks of this bike, and can’t wait to get our hands on one sometime this summer.

The Himalayan-variant retains the DNA of its predecessor, a bike that has spawned its own subculture worldwide since its debut in 2016. The Himalayan opened up the adventure touring segment to a whole new generation and socio-economic class of riders with its affordability, approachability, ease of maintenance, and simplicity of operation. Heck, the Himi has traversed the globe, and reached the South Pole with intrepid adventurers in the last couple of years. A sibling was certain to be birthed eventually.

From the photos we’ve seen so far, the all-new Scram 411 has that authentic vibe of a scrambler and yet retains the adventure touring in its DNA. With long-travel suspension (7.4 in. front, 7.0 in. rear) and ample ground clearance paired with a 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear, and rolling on dual-sport rubber, in the words of Royal Enfield, “the Scram 411 is playfully agile on city streets, yet is highly capable of tackling more rugged terrain, so the exploration doesn’t end when the pavement stops.” Powered by the Himalayan’s 411 single, with its SOHC, fuel-injected, air-cooled, and counter-balanced mill, the Scram, like its older sibling, will offer good low-revving torque for minimal gear shifting whether around urban environs or out on questionable or non-existent pavement.

The Scram’s two-up saddle and 31.2 seat height means a great many rider sizes and types can enjoy the bike, and the little 411cc, like the Himalayan, has all the capability of a true dual-sport motorcycle, whether solo riding or with a companion. In the words of RE Exec. Director B. Govindaragan, “The Scram 411 is the perfect crossover for young city-dwellers, who prefer a motorcycle that is fun and engaging to ride around the city, yet has a rugged appeal. By shifting the riding geometry to make the motorcycle more at home on busy city streets, and retaining its strong ability to take on rough roads and take on the weekend dirt trail, we’ve brought a unique subcategory for consumers. This is a very exciting and spirited new motorcycle, and we are confident that young riders from across the world will love the new Scram 411.”

As we get more info on the Royal Enfield Scram 411, we’ll pass it along. We like what we see so far. Its a unique-looking motorbike, for sure. Old meets new, urban meets rural. Stay tuned,


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*All photos by Royal Enfield.

* Check out this preview of the Scram 411 on their YouTube channel:


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