Some Samplings From Indian Motorcycle’s Apparel Collection

Like most manufacturers, Indian offers a long lineup of motorcycle gear for men and women, from bandanas to T-shirts, jackets, helmets and gloves, among other offerings. Leading off our selection is what I would like to think is Indian’s flagship men’s moto-wear, the Horsehide Liberty Jacket. Made from genuine horsehide, it is tougher than cow leather, and more abrasion resistant. The Liberty is thick, warm, heavy and very serious. It is the Cadillac of motorcycle jackets. Part #2867998, $949.99.

The maker’s Deerskin Strap Gloves are soft and plush, the biker’s choice in hand-wear, at least this biker. Deerskin is also stronger than cowhide and weathers better. The Strap Gloves seem to run slightly small, so if in doubt get the next size up. The only issue I had: surprisingly, the gloves are almost too soft. The fingers felt a bit slippery on the levers, but nothing a little roughing up with sandpaper or dirt wouldn’t fix. Part #2860663, $84.99.

I never met an enthusiast who didn’t like his or her vests, myself very much included. There is just something primal about leather that makes it feel so natural to wear on our big wild machines. Well, that and leather works really well to keep out the wind and cold and protect our human hides. The vest works well wearing over a shirt when it’s too hot to wrap yourself in full leathers, or as layering when it’s too cold to have only a jacket on. It also just looks really cool. If it’s good enough for Old West cow-people, it’s good enough for us. It also helps that a well-designed and sturdy leather vest, such as Indian’s Outsider Vest, has plenty of secure pockets to stash your stuff, and we all know we ride with stuff. Whether that’s small tools, phones, scraps of paper that once resembled receipts or phone numbers, pocket knives, reading glasses or whatever detritus you carry about your person, a biker can never have too many pockets, especially if they zip or button up. The trick is not forgetting what you have in which pocket. Part #2868674, $229.99.

For a touch of practical fashion, Indian offers the Headdress Silk Bandana. It features the timeless Indian logo on a 23 inch x 23 inch square of silk. It can be worn around the neck or head, depending how fat your head is. I wear it around my neck. Bikers are not just about black anymore. Silk is a funny fabric. Kind of plush, soft, but requires more care and is usually not machine washable. Part #2869762, $34.99.

Helmets are no longer just lids that protect your melon, they have evolved into fashion statements. Some years ago, for whatever reason, helmets started to appear in numbers with fresh graphics and colors; some retro, some mod. They were expressions a long time in coming. Helmets never had to be simply this giant, hard bowl thing you stuck on your head. Just as bikers don’t always prefer black, the helmet became a fashion accessory that added variety and splendor. Indian’s Open Face Helmet in Matte Black and Green has an understated retro style, but with all the specs of a modern DOT lid. It does run a bit small. Helmets should be snug, but they’re not like women’s shoes: “If it hurts, it fits.” Okay, I may have just made that up, but you get the idea. Part #2862808, $169.99.

The Unisex Matte Jet Helmet in black seemed to fit truer to size, at least for my big melon. I liked the pull-down visor and subtle Indian logo upfront. It was comfortable and stylish, yet protective. With the Indian Super Chief Limited’s windshield, and the Jet Helmet’s visor, neither wind nor rain nor kamikaze bug was getting to my face. Part #2861396, $189.99.

Ride Life.


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