The Legendary Italian Brand Pays Homage to the Legendary Racetrack


“On the first lap, a few meters ahead of you, only asphalt. Seams to lay on a roller coaster. All around you the silhouettes of trees, a forest, a green wall and the blue sky. On the second lap, when you think you’ve become familiar with the surrounding, you immediately recognize that the guardrail is placed there, right in front of you, ready to hug you. Better beware. On the third lap you realize you are in the presence of the most difficult and magical circuit in the world. You’re riding the Nürburgring, along the North ring, the famous Nordschleife.”

So described the rider for MV Agusta, who thrashed the all new Brutale 1000 Nürburgring around the extended portion of the legendary German race track. The world-famous “Nürburg-Ring” is a 150K person capacity motorsports complex, with a complex history. The track features a Grand Prix section built in 1984, the “GP-Strecke”, with 15 turns and 3.199 miles in length. The larger and much older “Nordschleife” or “North Loop” dates back to the 1920s, and holds a daunting 154 turns across 12.944 miles of tarmac. The Nordschleife loops around the village and Medieval castle complex of Nürburg in the Eifel Mountains. With those numbers, and over 1000 ft. of elevation change across the entire course, It’s little wonder the Nürburgring has beckoned and challenged racers for nearly 100 years. Famed Formula One driver Jackie Stewart once dubbed the North Loop the “Green Hell” following a win he took there in 1968, amidst driving rain and thick fog. The course is indeed legendary, and to some notorious.

A famous hairpin on the North Loop, Nürburgring circuit, Germany. Photo by Eifel Tourismus.

To this day, one of the unusual attractions of the Nürburgring track is the public accessibility of its course. The Nordschleife North Loop is open to all riders and drivers with a street-legal motorcycle, car, truck, trike, bus or motor home, believe it or not. While the track is accessible seven days a week, tickets must be purchased, and toll gates are often set up in a 220 yard “pit lane” to monitor flow around the long course. On occasion, the entire circuit can be fully ridden, which includes the current GP-Strecke portion. Though the course has no across-the-board speed limits, several sections do, and normal German traffic rules apply and are enforced around the track.

New bucket list item added.

On track at the Nürburgring, kitted out with Arrow race exhaust. Photos by MV Agusta.

Into this environment, MV Agusta threw their new 2022 Brutale 1000, and named it the Nürburgring after the famed road course.

The recently debuted Brutale 1000 Nürburgring is one of the baddest, most impressive naked sport bikes to hit the market in years. And not surprising coming from the brand with such a race pedigree as MV A. Stating the “MV Agusta Nürburgring is the ultimate frontier, that scratch of passion overwhelming rationality”, the motor company shared some specs on their new machine, which we thought were fascinating enough to pass along.

The Nürburgring model sports the MV 998cc four cylinder, DOHC 16 valve powerplant, with a compression ratio of 13.4:1 and a 79mm x 50.9mm bore/stroke. MV asserts the new mill makes 208hp at 13,000rpm, and clocks top speed at 186 mph. That’s smoking, for a naked sport. The Brutale 1000 N rides on a wet clutch, 6-speed gearbox, weighs in a tick over 400 lbs., with a petrol capacity of 4.23 U.S. gallons. And of course, who could miss that steel tubular trellis frame that holds the package all together?

It’s a looker and a performer. Photos by MV Agusta.

If MV Agusta gives us a chance to sample one soon, we’ll give you the Road Dirt skinny on it. Looks like a wild ride, for sure. Now, if we could arrange a test day with one, out on it’s namesake,…

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*Photos by MV Agusta, Eifel Tourismus


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