I recently acquired a Cruz Tools M1 EconoKit from the good folks at BikeBandit, and I must say, this is the quintessential traveling motorcycle tool kit. Compact, lightweight, but with all the basics, the Cruz Tools kit is the right companion to carry in your saddlebags, tail bag, or tank bag. The carrying pouch zips up snug, sealing the elements securely within, and inside, each piece has a secure sleeve and strap to keep it in place.

With 4 metric combo wrenches (including a 10mm! I’m always needing/losing those), an adjustable wrench, and clamp pliers, the kit has the wrench needs covered. I didn’t know until I took the kit apart, but it also comes with 4 hex keys, in 3, 4, 5, and 6mm. Nice. I was also impressed with the 6-in-1 screwdriver and spark plug socket, which works on 5/8, 13/16 and 16mm. That covers a lot of bikes. I tried it out on the 2002 Suzuki SV 650s I’ve been tinkering on, and found even the tools themselves to be well-sized for working in snug places on the bike.

The kit also features a spark plug gapper, a small roll of electrical tape, and a bundle of zip ties and wire. A shop rag completes the contents.
Impressive little package, I must say. In light of the fact that my 2017 Triumph Bonneville Street Cup only came with a small Allen wrench (I kid you not), this kit was a must for me, no doubt.

I now carry this kit, as well as a small tire plug kit, with me on every ride, whether in the saddlebags of my Yamaha Royal Star, or the tank bag on my Triumph Bonneville. It’s that handy, and that portable.
Pick you up a Cruz Tools M1 EconoKit today. Well worth the already great price.



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