The Purpose of Art is Washing the Dust of Daily Life off Our Souls.
Pablo Picasso


Awake with the morning sunrise blush

The road my canvas, my bike the brush

My opus begins as I depart

I am the painter, riding my art

Pushing nature’s air aside

Past the horizon I do ride

A lonely artist, a heart aflame

On deserted roads that have no name

A work soon vanished no one will see

Because this art is just for me

And my bike, my faithful steed

Through whom my tortured soul is freed

A lightning partner in my dance

It paints the curves as I’m entranced

A fellow rider, a nod, a wave

Then gone again, I am a slave

To the scent of the oil and the leather

The bitter cold springtime weather

The symphony of my exhaust

The melting early morning frost

The solace of nature’s firmament

The tranquil silence inside my tent

The balanced beating of my bike’s heart

I am the painter, riding my art.



  1. George Catt

    Good stuff, deserves broad sharing.

    • Rob Brooks

      Thank you George, we certainly enjoyed it ourselves. Stay healthy!

    • Ted Edwards

      Share liberally, and thanks for the positive feedback George. I thought in our current state, we could all use some art to wash the dust of daily worry off our souls.


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