The Three-Wheeled Roadster Debuts Some Cool updates For 2024


When we first were handed the keys to a Polaris Slingshot, it was September of 2021, not even a month after the passing of my beloved father. Part of me felt like it was not appropriate for me to take possession of it so soon after Dad’s death, with my mother and family still deep in grieving and recovering. But I did, and the Slingshot proved to be a wonderful tool for some healing in our family.

More on that in a minute.

Polaris developed and debuted the Slingshot in late 2014, and immediately the “autocycle” as they dub it, created a swirl of publicity, both positive and negative. Motorcycle purists panned the machine, claiming (rightly so) that it’s not a true motorcycle. Three wheels, a steering wheel, a cockpit that you sit down in, seat belts strapping you in, and options like airbags and roll cages, even lock-on roofs, pretty much scream “not a motorcycle.” Yet the Slingshot has garnered much praise as well, adding a different sort of entrance and flavor in the powersports world. They’ve since gained a sizable cult following here in the States, and can be seen on the roads in about every location imaginable across the country.

And they are proudly made in America. Huntsville, Alabama to be exact.

Rob with the 2021 SL model he throttled around with for a month.

So after picking up the Slingshot SL from Indian Mall of Georgia, where our friends at The Brand Amp (Indian’s and Polaris’ marketing partners) had arranged for us to secure it, I spent some days familiarizing myself with this unique roadster, blasting around our home in the hill country northeast of Atlanta, spinning miles with my beloved bride at my side, thoroughly enjoying the ride. That alone was worth the loan from Polaris. But when I showed up at my mother’s place one day and offered her a ride, we spent a day cruising the lake country of north central Georgia, forgetting for a few moments the deep grief still held in our hearts. The Slingshot took us away for awhile, my mom and me, and we shared some moments of heartfelt remembrance and celebration of Dad, who most assuredly would have enjoyed this little hooligan roadster himself.

The Slingshot ride proved cathartic, for both of us.

Mom and son about to hit the roads.

So now Slingshot is introducing not only some new paint schemes and add-on farkles to their lineup, but even offering a Roush edition again. Apparently, Roush partnered with Slingshot a few years back, and now they’re stamping their name on a new 2024 edition Slingshot, replete with high end Brembo braking systems, exclusive Roush branding, and a 203-horse ProStar powerplant.

Now I want to ride (drive?) one again.

We went on the “Build Yours” module at their website, a configurator that enables you to construct a custom machine that you can then place an order for, if you so choose. It’s a cool 360-degree, 3D builder to move the machine around and see your build from multiple angles during the process, which works quite well. And it’s kind of fun.

So it’s not a motorcycle. I want to ride one again.

With over 75 styling accessories, not to mention all the suspension, engine, and electronics upgrades that can be had, rolling a most unique Slingshot is definitely within reach. I’ve seen them all lit up with multi-colored track lighting, heard them booming the tunes through their Rockford Fosgate sound systems, and they can even be made racetrack capable with an array of performance components available, both OEM and aftermarket.

Geez, now I want to run one at Road Atlanta or Atlanta Motorsports Park. Or both.

As I stated in our first review back in 2021, the Slingshot is best experienced and enjoyed with companionship. It was good for our family back in 2021, and I think I’d like to take a spin in one again in the new year.

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