The Ultimate Gear Hanger

Of all the motorcycle gear to get excited about, a clothes hanger is probably at the bottom of the list.  A new leather jacket or new track suit is exciting.  A new hanger?  Not so much.

General use hangers are not up to the task of bearing the weight of that new leather jacket and will absolutely buckle under the girth of a new track suit.  No one wants to find their precious and expensive gear lying in a heap on the floor (or worse, the ground) beneath a broken hanger, and few gear manufacturers include a hanger that’s up to the task.

A side by side comparison highlights the difference between a normal hanger and a Rhino Hanger.

To keep my Sedici Corsa track suit airborne I went to the Tough Hook store and purchased a Rhino Hanger.  Made of high impact plastic in I-beam construction, the Rhino Hanger claims to hold up to 200 lbs and has slots on the shoulder arcs and attachment points on the bottom for a variety of uses like hanging backpacks, scuba suits or anything else weighty you want secured aloft.  All Tough Hook products are made in Bozeman, Montana by former law enforcement, military and first responders and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  Break it and they send you a new one.  A discount is available for military and first responders.

Notches at the shoulders and tabs at the bottom provide multiple options for hanging gear.

I found I had to twist the hanger a bit to get the larger hook over my hanging rod, but this is due to the design of my custom gear shelf, so that slight annoyance may not apply to you.  Once in place the hanger was a perfect match for my track suit, its width perfectly aligning with the shoulder armor in the suit to keep the leather in its anatomically correct form.  Leather gear hung improperly can stretch in the wrong places creating a poor fit when you put it on.  Blame cheap hangers.

Thicker hook provides strength, but also means it snaps snugly into place on standard 2” closet rods.  Scuff marks are visible on the hook from taking it on and off.

The hanger didn’t even break a sweat under the load of my fully armored track suit and it looks trick as well.  While $12.95 for a hanger seems excessive, it is worth the investment to keep your gear airborne, secure, and the leather in proper shape.  This purchase falls under the category of “Why didn’t I buy one of these things a long time ago?”.  The Rhino Hanger will travel with my leathers to the track or wherever I go and is money well spent.

For more about the Rhino Hanger and other Tough Hook products, check them out here:

Tough Hook


A Rhino Hanger is a must purchase for heavy items like leather jackets, track suits or any motorcycle gear that strains normal hangers.



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  1. Milt

    Nephew TedEd,
    At last a hanger capable and worthy to hold my 1983 Hein Gericke riding jacket and bad-ass black jean style pants. Can’t thank you enough for this
    Your Uncle Milt

  2. Ted M Edwards

    They are strong for sure, even strong enough to help you hold on to your past.

  3. Hutch Collier

    My Aerostich Roadcrafter (1 piece ) with full armor will finally stay in the upright and hanging position Yahoo!


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