Zero partners with HUGE Design to create the radical SR-X concept

We’ve been following the designs and development of Zero Motorcycles in recent years, and enjoyed our time with a pair of their innovative electric bikes a couple of years ago, the SR/S and the SR/F. We currently are riding their sport adventure offering the DSR/X for a few weeks, for a review we’ll publish soon. Spoiler alert: we’re impressed with it so far.

So when Zero sent us some info and pics of their collaboration with HUGE Design, the SR-X, we were intrigued, to say the least.

Zero Motorcycles has worked on projects before with HUGE D, most notably their Zero SM concept that heavily influenced the creation of what has become one of Zero’s most popular models, the FXE. This SR-X concept is derived from Zero’s SR/S sport bike, which as stated at the start, we very much enjoyed. The SR-X semi-faired machine has a lean, mean forward-leaning stance to it. We like it.

Bill Webb, leader of the HUGE Design crew, stated, “The SR-X concept bike strives to hit a design sweet spot for the near future of electric motorcycles by combining clean lines and disciplined design-detailing with the aggressive stance and raw performance found in modern liter bikes. This bike is an attempt to define a new sub-category for high performance electric, something between a streetfighter and a track bike. We wanted true sport riders to appreciate the subtle and balanced design approach—modern, futuristic and clean without sacrificing the raw-performance look and overtly mechanical appeal of high-performance motorcycles.”

The low, ‘front-heavy’ bodywork design, juxtaposed with its naked sport bike vibe in the back, makes for a striking silhouette, no doubt. Brian Wismann, Zero’s VP of Product Development, had this to say- “Working with Bill on the SM concept and FXE over the past few years has led to a great partnership with Huge Design. When we originally spoke about the SR-X project, I couldn’t wait to see Bill’s clean, structured aesthetic applied to our premium sport platform. The result exceeds expectations and points the way forward for our internal design teams.”

Running on Zero’s ZF75-20 electric powerplant and their most recent ZF17.3 lithium-ion battery pack, which is featured in the DSR/X we’re currently reviewing, the SR-X is quite the impressive concept, in aesthetic and performance. Wismann continued, “We are driven by a passion for design and technology, and the SR-X is the perfect expression of this passion. We can’t wait to see how this concept bike will inspire the future of the industry and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

For more on this concept bike and all of Zero’s creatively designed and hand-crafted motorcycles, click here:

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*Photos and details provided by Zero.

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