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2024 Polaris Slingshot Preview

Polaris developed and debuted the Slingshot in late 2014, and immediately the “autocycle” as they dub it, created a swirl of publicity, both positive and negative. Motorcycle purists panned the machine, claiming (rightly so) that it’s not a true motorcycle. Three wheels, a steering wheel, a cockpit that you sit down in, seat belts strapping you in, and options like airbags and roll cages, even lock-on roofs, pretty much scream “not a motorcycle.” Yet the Slingshot has garnered much praise as well, adding a different sort of entrance and flavor in the powersports world. They’ve since gained a sizable cult following here in the States, and can be seen on the roads in about every location imaginable across the country.
And they are proudly made in America. Huntsville, Alabama to be exact.

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Challenger Accepted

Ah, the wonder of Daytona Beach Bike Week… The first major event on the motorcycle industry calendar when all the manufactures come together to present their new models to the riding public. It is also a great time for moto-journalists to test ride bikes launched for the upcoming riding season, and this year we had not one but two opportunities to test some of the hottest new bikes launched. Little did I know I would be riding one of the newest baggers that – surprisingly – makes you feel like popping a wheelie as soon as you roll on the throttle in pretty much any gear.

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