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Haunted Highways

Tales of the haunted abound. They’re everywhere; they surround us; they know us. Restless spirits seem to have infested our world no matter where we try to run or hide. What are they trying to tell us? What do they want? Are they simply echoes, a kind of resonance from the afterlife, the last sound of a soul as it departs this earth? Or is it something else, something more menacing? Could these be lost souls searching for a warm body? Your body?

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Three Amigos Ride Baja

An extended road trip across the deep Southwest has long been one of my bucket list items. Last year, I fulfilled that dream, in grand fashion. MotoQuest, one of America’s premier motorcycle tour companies, granted me the opportunity to ride along on one of their “Baja Adventure“ tours, from Cabo San Lucas at the bottom of the peninsula, 1500 miles north to Los Angeles. It simply doesn’t get any more “deep southwest” than Baja.

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