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Sneak Peek: Indian Scout Gets A Makeover

“America’s First Motorcycle Company” introduced this week the next evolution of their iconic Indian Scout. The lineup builds on its rich history with five completely redesigned models, three trim levels, and more than 100 Scout family accessories and farkles for customization and personalization. We got a sneak peek on Tuesday, and already eagerly anticipate the opportunity to take any/all of these for a spin, hopefully an extended one (or two).

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Distracted Riding

If we as motorcyclists rant and rave about drivers who are distracted by their phones, or fiddling with their sophisticated in-car infotainment systems, and who put our lives in danger every time we ride, we can’t be doing the same things while piloting our own motorcycles.  We’ve got to be totally focused on the road and our surroundings in order to stay as safe as possible.  We can’t decry driver’s behavior, but think that it’s okay for us to recklessly behave the same way.

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The Last Ride, Part 1- A Short Story

“What’ll ya have, Hon?” asked the large, round, 70-something waitress behind the counter as I placed my helmet on the open stool next to me. Her name tag said “Gertie”, and I think that was the name on the door above the large Diner sign. It was about 10:30 AM on a warmish sun-drenched summer Sunday morning, and I’d been motorcycle riding for about 2 hours on the Great River Road somewhere in Illinois, and was building up a hunger in my empty stomach when I asked, “Well, Gertie, tell me what’s good.”

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First Look: Indian Roadmaster Elite

With the coming of the new year, all the motorcycle brands are busy debuting their new models for 2024. Indian just pulled the wraps off their all-new premier touring rig, the Roadmaster Elite, and it’s a stunner. We thought we’d share some info they sent us on it. We’re hoping to get a chance to sample one this year, either at our HQ in Georgia, or maybe in SoCal this spring/summer. They will be a very limited edition, however.

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