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To Give Is To Gain

Motorcyclists are a generous lot, giving of our time, talents and resources to worthy causes, year-round. During the Christmas season, however, “Biker Goodwill” ramps up even more, with charity rides and events dotting the landscape and nearly every day until the new year. We especially love children’s causes, whether it be for underprivileged boys and girls, kids with severe illnesses, or recent loss and orphaned children. Those definitely tug at our heartstrings. Beneath the leather and loud pipes, we are softies for serving those in need around us.

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Mimi and Moto: The Motorcycle Monkeys

I first met Mark Augustyn of Little Rider Enterprises at the final race weekend of the 2022 MotoAmerica Road racing series at Barber Motorsports Park. I was familiar with the book series, having seen them in MotoAmerica‘s merchandise tents over the years and at other events around the Southeast. Mark and I talked extensively that weekend about his and Nancy’s inspiration for the book series, and the hopes they had for its future.

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