Progressive® IMS Outdoors to make nine stops across summer/fall of 2021


For years I looked forward to January, solely because of the Progressive® International Motorcycle Show rolling into my town of Atlanta. The IMS perfectly kicked off a new year here in the Southeast, as Januarys are generally cold, dark, and wet, and the general mood is post-holiday doldrums. The manufacturers showed up with their latest models, industry supply companies showed off their latest wares, and the festive atmosphere fostered the hunger to ride.

And then it was gone, when the IMS dropped this stop in the Southeast about 10 years ago.

We had local shows, such as the Great American Motorcycle Show and classic bike events like the Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show, but we riders in the Deep South felt rejected, overlooked, underserved. And given the undeniable fact that we have the longest and best riding season on the continent, I’ve always considered that neglect unconscionable.

With the announcement back in September that the IMS would retool their annual traveling show to more interactive outdoor events in 2021, our hopes were buoyed that we might get a second glance from the show’s planners. Going outdoors, especially in this age of COVID-19, can be a real boon to the industry and the riding community, with the potential for more manufacturers, more vendors, and more fans to attend. Actual demo rides rather than just straddling new models in a booth space, as well as outdoor concerts, food areas, stunt shows, etc., can give the outdoor concept a new excitement.

And now, the IMS has announced their 2021 dates, and they include nine dates spread across the country, and spanning the months of June through October. They kick off in Loveland, CO, will host dates in Irvine and Sonoma, CA, then travel to Chicago, New York, and Carlisle, PA, before swinging into the South for Nashville, TN and Lakeland, FL before concluding in Atlanta. With these dates, the shows obviously won’t be a first look at new 2021 models being debuted, although the later dates will likely preview manufacturer 2022 models, but the shows promise to include a wider variety of offerings, opportunities to sample more demos, and plenty of outdoor entertainment for enthusiasts.

In their own words, “The Progressive® IMS Outdoors invites riders and prospective riders of all ages and abilities out for a weekend to engage with powersports culture and explore related lifestyles in a festival-like atmosphere. Attendees will be able to ride 2 and 4-wheel vehicles, shop premier brands, watch entertainment and even camp overnight (in select cities); preparing them for more riding and adventures with family and friends.” The shows will feature the “Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show”, IMS “Vintage Garage”, the “Discover The Ride” program, and “Adventure Out” among others they’ll soon announce.

So the Progressive® International Motorcycle Show will roll outdoors in 2021, and I personally hope and believe it will be a hit. After the year we’ve all endured personally, nationally, and globally, a new approach and a new vision in the coming year is most welcome. COVID has affected so much, we’re all ready for a fresh renewal. Motorcycling needs a boost, and the IMS Outdoors events could certainly help foster that. We’ll be attending ours, and I hope you’ll find one nearest you and make your plans to attend.

For more on the Progressive® IMS Outdoors, click here: IMS Outdoors




    Over 10 months away… and an Outdoor Show in Late October… not very ‘exciting’ to look forward to.
    “Better than Nothing” as they say… but completely jumping another riding season… And we have to wonder if they will still be showing 2021 models, in October, or showing the New bikes coming to market..?

    • Rob Brooks

      It’ll be a different approach and focus, for sure. Although, since the Atlanta date will be late October, I’m guessing our show might possibly see some 2022 model debuts. That’ll be cool,

  2. CATH

    Except, they won’t. There is no way in hell that IMS Atlanta will trump the European shows (Milan, etc.) in announcing the 2022 bikes. Been to the Atlanta show sporadically over 20 odd years, and it was always a disappointment compared to the other shows.

    • Rob Brooks

      Except, this year, the show will be outside, with more manufacturers and support brands, demo rides, local bands and vendors, etc. If the Milan et al shows will already have previewed the 2022 models, we might see some early looks as well here stateside, with the 3 SE October shows, not just Atlanta.
      But you certainly can forgo the “disappointment” and sit it out, Cath.


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