Some Concluding Comments on the REV’IT! Race Suit


We have come to the end of my CCS racing season and the perfect time for some final thoughts on my experience with the REV’IT! Hyperspeed 2 race suit. If I had to sum up the suit in one statement, it would simply be “quality and attention to detail, at an affordable price”. I’ve really grown to enjoy this suit and appreciate the finer points of its design.

REV’IT! has always been a quality brand that puts thorough research and development into their products. As they began to gain name recognition here in the States, I’ve had riders asking me all season who they were and I would explain their long-standing presence in the professional paddock all the way up to the MotoGP level. Many thought they were just another pop-up custom race suit brand they had never heard of, so I’ve been happy to set the record straight.

Knowing this about REV’IT! I have enjoyed putting the Hyperspeed 2 suit through it’s paces all season, other than testing crashability of course. Having a few race suits in my closet, I’ve got a solid base of comparison given my experience over the past few seasons. At this price point, I wouldn’t call this an entry level suit but when comparing to suits around the same dollar amount, I think REV’IT! has incorporated a few things to make their suit really stand out.

So here’s my video review of the 2023 REV’IT! Hyperspeed 2 motorcycle race and track suit. This is a fantastic suit at any price, but especially at the price they are offering it at. Again, “quality and attention to detail at an affordable price”. I highly recommend it!

Huge thanks to the good folks at REV’IT! Sport USA for the privilege of reviewing this great suit, gloves and undersuit. You’re a quality brand.

Ryan @ryhno411 Nolan

For more on the Hyperspeed 2 suit, and all the offerings from REV’IT! Sport USA, click here.

Here’s my video comments, that you can watch right here on Road Dirt:

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