About a week after dropping the Triumph Bonneville Street Cup rim off with Howard at Metro Wheels, they gave me a call to inform me the rim was ready. Howard and crew had it trued within a millimeter, with minimal damage to the paint and finish. To say I was pleased and relieved is an understatement.

I drove back across to my side of town, and brought rim and rubber to my friend Jake at Flying Brothers. Jake removed some of the black paint Metro Wheels had covered the repair spot with, exposing more of the gold pin stripe, then proceeded to remount and balance the tire to the rim.

I brought the rig back to my basement “shop,” reset the wheel in the swingarm and brake caliper, adjusted the chain tension, and with that, the Bonney was complete again.

So the lesson here, beyond what I recounted in the first installment (https://roaddirt.tv/dented-rim-repair/), is that the solution may not always have to be the expensive option, i.e. rim replacement. If there is a rim and wheel dealership or shop in your city, they likely do rim repairs. And if they do, there’s a good chance they can repair motorcycle rims as well. Ask your motorcycle shop too, as they might have line on local rim repair. I’ve also heard of mobile trucks that are capable of coming to you for repairs; we just don’t have one (yet) in our city, that I’m aware of.

So what could have cost me anywhere from $500 (used) to $900 (new OEM) for a replacement rim, cost me considerably less. 

Huge thanks to Metro Wheels and Flying Brothers for getting me back on the road!



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