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MZ’s Moto Memories: Curse of the Green Motorcycle

Many of us old bike owners have heard about it- the curse of the green motorcycle. If you rode a green motorbike, it was thought that you were more likely to get hurt or killed on it. Minimal secondary research on the topic performed by me hypothesized that green bikes were used in wars, hence their association with death or injury. I was never scared by this supposed “curse,” although maybe I should have been.

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Triumph Speed 400 Ride & Review

The Triumph Speed 400 is that pint-sized chihuahua that comes charging into the dog park, confidently yapping at the bigger canines, who give him a wide berth out of sheer respect (yes, I’ve seen this at our nearby park). It’s that good.

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Triumph Motorcycles British Invasion Tour

Triumph North America has been touring their 2024 motorcycle lineup across the States over the past couple of months, showcasing their latest and greatest for the new year. Road Dirt guys Rob and Phil had the chance to attend the “British Invasion Tour” evening in Atlanta, and Triumph threw a fantastic party. With a packed house of Brit bike enthusiasts, a local blues/rock act keeping the place hopping, and the drinks flowing, Triumph pulled the wraps off several new models they’ve debuted for 2024, for patrons to get up close and personal with.

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Road Dirt Bucket List Bikes of 2024

Launching into a new year is always fun in the motorcycling world, with the advent of new or updated motorcycles coming by the spring. We here at Road Dirt love the early press reveals of upcoming bikes, but we also enjoy reflecting on current, older or lesser known machines that we’d enjoy getting our hands on. We put the question to the Road dirt crew, “What motorcycles would you love to sample in 2024?” Several of the guys shot back some interesting picks, and we decided to share some of them here with you.

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Moto Products: Star Tron Fuel Additive

There are a lot of gas treatments on the market that make all kinds of claims, so I’m always skeptical about them. I’ve seen and tested a lot of snake oil on the market making ridiculous claims over the years. But I had cause to spend some time at a trade show with the folks from Star Tron, learned about their product, and saw the testing data that they had about its effectiveness.

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