A Stone Cold Goal

The day’s sub-freezing temperature was something I had honestly been waiting for. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I have ridden in colder temps as have most of my motorcycle riding friends and family (i.e. our son Ryan who lives in Alaska). This day’s ride was a short-term goal that I had set for myself since it has been several years since I had ridden in conditions this cold. With God’s presence, provisions, and protection, I set about reaching this new goal. In a below-freezing morning temp of 27 degrees, 19 including the wind chill, I suited up, warmed the Scout, pulled on my full-face modular helmet, and set out in the frigid yet sunny morning air. I’ve never used or owned electric heated riding gear, so I had heavily layered up for the short hop to the House. Layers of thermals top and bottom, a balaclava underneath the helmet to ensure my face wouldn’t get frostbitten, it nearly took me longer to prepare for the ride than to actually make it.

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