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Long Term Review: Indian Scout Rogue

The first time I threw a leg over the 2023 Indian Scout Rogue and sat on the bike, gripped those 10” mini-ape bars and thumbed it to life, I’m not exaggerating when I say that the opening guitar riff of George Thorogood’s “Bad To The Bone” started playing in my head. The bar reach, the vibration, the low rumble of the twin exhaust, the somewhat forward footpegs, and the matte blacked-out everything save the chrome pipes just elicits a hooligan cruiser vibe. My voice dropped an octave and gained some gravel when riding the Rogue.

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Indian Releases a Rogue

We at Road Dirt have always been fans of Indian Motorcycle’s Scout line since they re-introduced it a few years back. Long, low and lean, we were impressed from our first sampling of one when Placa throttled a Scout Bobber around Los Angeles for a month. Approachable and affordable for a wide range of motorcycle riders, the Indian Scout line has become among the brand’s most popular sellers in recent years. My friend Mike, a veteran motorcycle rider and retired motor police officer, traded his Harley tourer for a Scout and rode it around the south central Texas hill country last fall.

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