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Riding For Perspective

I’m not sure if it was the feeling of autumn air or the fact that this has been a very busy year for me, but I was able to really enjoy the ride and reflect on so many things other than the tasks normally at hand. Riding seems to help me find new directions on various issues going on in my current season. The thought of just being able to ride and reframe some of these events and topics in a new way really did help create a healthy perspective and a refreshing of my soul.

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My Brothers – Our Bikes Part 2

Nate was still racing, but for me and Greg the smell of premix was replaced by Gatorade, sunblock and trips to our children’s little league games and school functions. Deep down the feeling of the wind and two wheeled power was still drawing us back to our early love of riding.

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Harley-Davidson Posts Q3 Report

Harley-Davidson has been seeing a remarkable rebound as of late, despite a still struggling post-Covid, recession-pained economic climate. The Milwaukee moto marque has always been resourceful in adversity, as many times over they’ve proven the Mark Twain maxim, “The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

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