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Royal Enfield Reaches The South Pole

As we first reported back in October, Royal Enfield set out to achieve what no other motorcycle brand in history has done- ride a pair of motorcycles to the South Pole. On December 16, they did just that. Two Royal Enfield Himalayans were ridden to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, the geographic South Pole. Riders Santosh Vijay Kumar and Dean Coxson of RE set out on November 26 from Novo, Antarctica after spending a few days there acclimating to the harsh, inhospitable conditions of the frozen continent, then transported their modified Himalayans 1988 miles to the Ross Ice Shelf where their attempt would officially begin.

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Royal Enfield Quest For The South Pole

Royal Enfield is no stranger to adventure, and as a brand, has always been up for a challenge. Cases in point: their “Build. Train. Race.” program in flat track and road racing, and their factory entrance and surprising success in AMA American Flat Track racing. Now they take aim, not higher, but lower- as in leading an expedition to ride motorcycles to the geographic South Pole.

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