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A Stone Cold Goal

The day’s sub-freezing temperature was something I had honestly been waiting for. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I have ridden in colder temps as have most of my motorcycle riding friends and family (i.e. our son Ryan who lives in Alaska). This day’s ride was a short-term goal that I had set for myself since it has been several years since I had ridden in conditions this cold. With God’s presence, provisions, and protection, I set about reaching this new goal. In a below-freezing morning temp of 27 degrees, 19 including the wind chill, I suited up, warmed the Scout, pulled on my full-face modular helmet, and set out in the frigid yet sunny morning air. I’ve never used or owned electric heated riding gear, so I had heavily layered up for the short hop to the House. Layers of thermals top and bottom, a balaclava underneath the helmet to ensure my face wouldn’t get frostbitten, it nearly took me longer to prepare for the ride than to actually make it.

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Triumph Unveils The Trident 660 Triple

In a worldwide web premier, Triumph Motorcycles unveiled the all-new Trident 660 Triple, the roadster they’ve been hinting at since August. With a spectacular online introduction, Triumph rolled out the 2021 model, the newest entry into the brand’s lineup, and their smallest in the fleet. Targeted squarely at the middleweight “street fighter,” naked sport bike category currently populated with the likes of the Honda CB650R, Kawasaki Z650, and the Yamaha MT-07, Triumph just lit a stick of Trident dynamite and tossed it middle of the fray. Price-wise, the Trident should fall right in the middle of these, with MSRP looking to be around $7995-8120, depending on configuration, of which there are four at the moment on their website.

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