Go Fast Parts For The MotoAmerica Supersport Debut


We’ve gotten to the fun stages of the Superbikesupply.com project bike. The teardown has been completed, I’ve gone through some general maintenance checks including greasing the headstock bearings, valve clearance check, leak down and compression test, and the bike passed with flying colors. There were a few other items that gave me some trouble to get off the bike such as the kickstand (heat and lots of patience to the rescue), and also going through the wiring diagram to give the harness a once-over. Also, I cleaned up the wiring and worked on tucking it up underneath on top of the valve cover in order to accommodate more of a track oriented setup. Some of the clean up also included removing some big items like the radiator fans, turn signals and relocated the regulator/rectifier so it is placed in less of a vulnerable spot which was previously the side of the radiator.

Mockup of the Domino throttle, and some “go fast parts” from Superbikesupply.com.

Now that the main teardown and maintenance checks are done, I can begin putting on some “go fast parts” from Superbikesupply. We’ve got a lot of fun things to add, from a Graves steering stop, Domino quick turn throttle, DNA Air filter, Woodcraft key elimination harness, HEL master and HEL custom pink brake lines just to keep the Ryhno Racing color scheme on point. For controls we got some Vortex clip ons, chain and sprockets and Attack rearsets. I also got a nice set of GBRacing case covers from GBRacing Direct as they are a personal sponsor for me this season.

HEL custom pink brake lines looking trick; new DNA filter from Superbikesupply.

There are a few parts I used that I already had including race bodywork but I did order an Armour body supersport tail and some bodywork mounting parts. Also, I was able to get a used Graves exhaust from an 08-16 R6 and reuse the previous exhaust can from my A bike. It had a crack in the sleeve but another friend was able to fix it for me. As much as I want to have all of the latest bits, this is meant to be a track bike and I am still a privateer racer who does not have an unlimited budget, so we make do where we can.

Some additional used items I procured were a Translogic autoblip system and quick shift sensor, Ohlins TTX shock, GP Industries carts and some bodywork parts to match what is on the A bike. As I’ve said previously the goal is to get both bikes feeling similar so it doesn’t feel as foreign when hopping from one bike to another.

New (to me) Öhlins TTX shock; Regulator rectifier needs to be moved in case of a crash; relocating wiring to this area.

Fast forwarding a bit, I finally got to ride again and begin preseason testing down at Barber Motorsports Park. I’ll go over my pre-season test in a separate update.  I did bring the project bike down with me in case I needed parts but I spent my time riding my A bike to prepare myself for MotoAmerica and knock off some rust. The project bike wasn’t in a state to be ridden anyhow as I scrambled to get it into a rideable state in case something happened. I experienced some issues getting it to start and set a goal to have the bike ready for a shakedown test in early May at a Motovid.com trackday I was working. I’ll go over that in my next installment which will be coming soon. As we are within weeks before my debut, I will be posting more regular updates and maybe even a live video update Q&A!

Translogic autoblip system wired & routed; valve clearance check; Vortex sprocket & chain.

Finally, I am continuing my push for sponsors and supporters including opportunities for logos to be added to my helmet and race bike. Also, I have completed the design of my first team t-shirts as well as a limited edition run of crew shirts which I will have available online and in-person during the Road America event. As if I didn’t have enough going on already but I am continuing to help Elliot with his Ninja 400 track build as well as bodywork repair and paint for some friends. No rest for the relentless! As always, stay tuned for more.

Keep grinding,

Ryan “Ryhno 411” Nolan

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