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REV’IT! Is well-known and respected worldwide in the motorcycling community for their high quality riding gear and apparel. We’ve reviewed their backpacks recently, and had the privilege to sample their unique battery powered heated gloves as well, all of which are superior quality and value. So when we further surfed their catalogue and found the Davis TF pants, we ordered a pair to review. They sent me not only the jeans in camel color (very nice looking), but we also ordered a Safeway 2 leather belt to go with it. Timely, as my old leather belt, though still functional, is quite weathered and worn after 20+ years and uncounted miles.

Classic look and fit, modern construction and protection. Photo: REV’IT!

I’m what REV’IT! might categorize as a “Heritage”, “Metropolitan” and/or “Urban Sport” rider, among the classifications on their site. So the Davis TF riding pants are well suited to my style- both in clothing tastes and riding type. They’ve got this construction worker look and vibe to them, very utilitarian looking, and equally functional.

Durable fabric, and comfortable fit. Photo: REV’IT!

Constructed from a Cordura twill material, the Davis TF pants give a measure of flexibility when worn, and don’t feel too coarse on the skin. We’ve run ours through the wash 2x already, and they’ve broken in nicely, becoming even more supple to wear. They utilize a triple needle, double stitch construction with safety seams sewn within and without, very durable and very resistant to tears and abrasions, yet still quite comfortable on and off the motorcycle.

Good protection built into the knees and hips, in the event of an off.

As for additional protection, the Davis TF jeans employ a pair of adjustable knee pockets for their SEESMART CE-level 1 fitted protectors, as well as a pair at the hips, which I really appreciate. I slid out in a graveled left-hander last year, and these pants would have saved me from a bruised hip that beset me for about a month. Fantastic protection found in these pants, for sure.

Comfort and protection, while out two-wheeling.

For those of you young hipsters who like to roll your pant leg cuffs, you’ll find a reflective strip sewn in for low light, night, and/or inclement weather riding. Heck, I may need to roll a cuff in these myself, even the old geezer that I am. Cool and visible.

I think the only suggestions I’d offer to improve the Davis TF Jeans would be (1) sew in a small key ring up over one of the front pockets, to clip keys on rather than just down loose in the pocket, and (2) make the front pockets about an inch or so deeper, so items won’t slide out when riding tucked up on footpegs. I nearly lost a set of house keys one afternoon, returning from a short day ride. They were near the pocket opening, and came close to dropping out. Deeper pockets and a key ring to clip to would prevent that.

The Davis TF jeans are but one of numerous great pants selections REV’IT! offers. Photo: REV’IT!

I’ve been riding with them at every opportunity, which so far this winter has been rather limited. But on the few occasions the precip has dried, the clouds lifted, the sun has peeked through and temps have warmed, I’ve taken off to ride in these Davis TF jeans by REV’IT!, and am quite impressed with their looks, fit, feel, and functionality. A worthy addition and upgrade to my riding wardrobe this year.

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