Bikes Inspired By Rock N Roll’s Most Iconic Guitars


Harley-Davidson motorcycles are arguably the most customized and customizable bikes in the world, and have been since the brand’s inception. For decades The Motor Company has capitalized on that fact, by creating their own “factory custom“ bikes and lines over the years. Their CVO line has long been popular, as have the many special editions like the 100 Year Anniversary machines back in 2003 (my dad had a Heritage).

2024 Low Rider ST in Tobacco Fade. Photo by Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson has continued that tradition of producing unique limited-run collections, like last year‘s “Fast Johnnie“ series. The brand now boasts three distinct factory custom collections, the Enthusiast, Icons, and of course the CVO bikes. We’ve shared the backstory to the CVOs recently, we’ll be producing a series this summer on a unique bike in this year’s Icons collection, but these Enthusiast Collection of motorcycles caught our eye after our time with a Street Glide and a Road Glide at Daytona Beach Bike Week.

2024 Ultra Limited and Tri Glide Ultra in Tobacco Fade. Photos by Harley-Davidson.

We caught wind of a limited line that H-D was introducing this year called the “Tobacco Fade” Collection, but didn’t get to see one at Daytona. We discovered this interesting collection buried deep in the brand’s website, and they are stunning. Inspired by the famous “tobacco fade” finish of so many 6-string and bass electric guitars over the past century, Harley has recreated the look in motorcycle paint, adorning a run of Low Rider ST, Ultra Limited, and Tri Glide Ultra machines with the iconic rock guitar vibe.

The Tobacco Fade paint scheme can be found in the configurator, far right color. Gorgeous. Harley-Davidson.

To find the collection among the pages of Harley’s website, we had to dig a bit. Each of the bikes featured in the line can be accessed via their main model pages, by clicking into the color scheme configurator and tapping on the farthest right color, “Tobacco Fade”. But to find the story behind this year’s Enthusiast Collection, open up the top left “Bikes” tab next to the Bar & Shield logo, scroll to the “Motorcycle Collections” tab, and you’ll find the story behind the “Tobacco Fade” series this year, as well as an interview with hard rock recording artists Jorma & Tamara Raye Vik. *We’ll drop a direct link below.

Jorma & Tamara Raye Vik of the bands Eagles of Death Metal and Wargirl. Photo by Harley-Davidson.

Like we’ve recently written, music and motorcycling are intrinsically linked together. Music inspires our rides, and motorcycling has long inspired musicians. Triumph has done this with one-off customs paying homage to Elvis, the Rockers clubs of London in the 50s-60s, among others, as have other bike brands over the years. These Harley Tobacco Fade bikes are a fitting tribute to the relationship the brand has long had with music in general, rock n roll in particular.


For more on the Tobacco Fade Collection, follow this link:

Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts Collection


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