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Conquering the Fear Factor

FEAR- it can paralyze you, or propel you forward. Fear can cause a life of timidity, or create a life of adventure. Everyone faces fear, but not everyone overcomes fear. As motorcycle riders we inherently deal with fear almost daily, and have found ways to conquer it, or at least manage it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t ride, would we?

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Taking the Long View

One of the skills we riders must consciously and constantly hone to stay sharp on our bikes is our situational awareness. Keeping focused while riding through ever-changing scenarios, constantly scanning our surroundings for potential threats, maintaining a “360 degree” awareness, are all vital street skills… Yet there are moments while riding that we can still experience a brief lapse in attention, or lose focus and perspective for a moment in the saddle.

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After The Fall

There is a common saying among motorcycle riders- “It’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’, you’ll have a crash.” Some 18 years ago, I experienced two firsts in my life, at the same time. I was involved in my first street motorcycle accident, and broke my first major bones as well. I checked both boxes at the same time, thereby joining the ranks of the “when” crowd.

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Clutch Cable Adjustment & Replacement

The three most common types of motorcycle clutch actuation setups are cable, hydraulic, and most recent, ride-by-wire. Since the majority of clutches, past and present, are cable-actuated, we here at Road Dirt thought a tutorial on clutch cable adjustment, or replacement, might be in order.

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Riding Laconia

Lloyd Clement is Road Dirt Associate Editor Phil Gauthier’s cousin, and lives up in beautiful New Hampshire. He recounts a day of riding to Laconia Bike Week last month, and the breathtaking routes found up in the White Mountains of New England. We hope you enjoy his recollections here.

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On Track

It had been a dream of mine for some years to 1. own a sport bike, 2. ride it on the track at Road Atlanta, and 3. “hit the ton”, i.e. ride over 100 mph (legally of course). On a weekend in July of 2013, I achieved all three.

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In Praise of Nylons

For most of my riding years, I’ve been your typical “leather & denim biker” kind of guy. Even when I began to ride track days, I utilize a leather one-piece race suit. I own a couple of “old school” style leather jackets, a denim one, as well as both leather and denim chaps and pants, a couple of which have armor built in (see our “Diamond Gusset Jeans” article for my personal fave). The quintessential biker black and blue. In gear, not bruising, I might add.

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Playing in the Dirt at the Lima Half-Mile

Defending Twins champ Jared Mees won a hard-fought battle for the front with contenders Jeffery Carver Jr., Henry Wiles, and rookie sensation Brandon Price. Current points leader Briar Bauman fell out of contention when his rear tire came completely off during the 10th lap, eliminating him from any chance of winning, and erasing much of his hard-earned points lead over Mees.

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Dented Rim Repair, Part 2

About a week after dropping the Triumph Bonneville Street Cup rim off with Howard at Metro Wheels, they gave me a call to inform me the rim was ready. Howard and crew had it trued within a millimeter, with minimal damage to the paint and finish. To say I was pleased and relieved is an understatement.

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