Month: May 2019

Aaron’s Story

I was swinging on our front porch with my wife the other night, the sun having set behind the tree line, and the woods around our North Georgia home were awash in the glow of dozens of fireflies. It’s late spring, and I suddenly found myself reflecting on a treasured friendship with an old adolescent pal named Aaron Smith. I’m not sure what triggered the memories, but I lingered there in the gathering dusk, even as Lisa excused herself and stepped inside. I bid welcome to the images, conversations, and shared experiences with my old friend, allowing them to fill my consciousness. I sat and savored, like watching a great old movie I’d seen before, but worth the viewing again and again.

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Return of Rolling Thunder?

Apparently, the rumors of Rolling Thunder’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. And a bit premature.
Over the Memorial Day weekend, it has been reported by Fox News and other outlets that Rolling Thunder had received a substantial donation of $200,000 from another nonprofit organization, Wreaths Across America, to cover operating costs for the 2020 event. Now President Trump has thrown in his support for the event as well.

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My Moto Main Squeeze

It was March 2002 when I first laid eyes on this big cruiser. I had dreamed of a bike like this for several years, but events of the previous two had cast serious doubts on whether this dream would ever be realized.
Rewind to April 27, 2000…

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Those Marvelous Marquez Brothers

Spanish racing brothers Marc and Alex Marquez both claimed victories on the same day as Marc took the MotoGP™ and Alex the Moto2™ races at the Shark Helmets Grand Prix de France on Sunday. The last time the brothers pulled this off was at the Dutch Catalan Gran Prix back in 2014. This makes the third time the brothers have doubled on race days.

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Cafe’ Cool

So when opportunity knocked, offering a long weekend with a new Bonneville Street Cup, I enthusiastically welcomed the chance to dance. The good folks at Triumph North America signed me out one from their demo fleet, to ride, live with, and then report on. I was more than happy to oblige. I picked up the Cup on a Friday morning from Triumph North America HQ, south of Atlanta, Georgia, with the simple instructions: “Have fun with it, and we’ll see you back here next Tuesday.” Oh. Yeah.

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Pipe Dreams

The sign in the truck made my head tilt to the side with curiosity, like a Labrador hearing the far off squeak of a chipmunk. It was a worn, hand carved wooden sign that the muddy truck displayed proudly on its back window as it hauled a rack full of dirty snowmobiles. It declared a simple, often misunderstood saying: Loud Pipes Save Lives.

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A Beach of a Week

Over the past week, 2-Time MotoAmerica Supersport Champion JD Beach accomplished a feat not attained since Nicky Hayden pulled it off in 2002- winning a Superbike National race and a Flat Track National in the same week.

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Fire & Thunder

Since a motor was first paired with a set of wheels and handlebars, riders have felt compelled to race. Down dirt country roads, hard-packed sandy beaches, on board track ovals, race circuits and drag strips, the thrill of top-end speed had always held a firm grip on motorcycling.

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