A weekend at the famed Portland motorcycle show

Our recent trip to Portland, Oregon for the 14th annual “The One Motorcycle Show” was a treat for us as photographers and motorcycle enthusiasts. This event has been hosted since 2010 in Portland by See See Motor Coffee family and its founder, Thor Drake. This year’s event was held again at the family owned Zidell Yards Barge Building, the last undeveloped property on the south Portland waterfront. The smell of dust, grease, and rust along with the industrial metal workings of the old building was a perfect setting for thousands of pilgrims to gather and celebrate all things motorcycle.

It is becoming increasingly uncommon in today’s world to have such a large eclectic group of people spending three days together enjoying one event, but not at the One Show. Thor says it best: “We built The One Show as a bonfire stoked by motorcycles as art, sport, and culture. Over the past decade-plus we have been steadfast in our mission to bring all types together over our favorite activity. The One Show is a place for all types of people – young, old, wild, and mild – riders, non-riders, moto-curious, and everyone in between – to share stories, learn from one another and participate together. It’s a celebration. Motorcycles to us are more than just an activity, they’re a way of life.”*

“Motorcycles to us are… a way of life.”

Geoff and I found Thor’s statement to be true. Within the Barge Building there were not only over 300 bikes displayed but shows within the show. Picture a large slot car display for kids of all ages, Bell Helmet’s display of 21 helmets artistically customized, an all makes all models car/truck show, 12 bands, BMX and FMX shows, the Seattle Cossack stunt team, bike demos, 50 artists, 80 vendors, and over 20 sponsors. Good coffee and great eats from some of Portland’s best food trucks sustained the tired and the hungry throughout the three days. All ages, even dogs on leash, were welcome. We saw many families making a day of it because children under ten were free with an adult. There were many places to sit and relax throughout the building. We had many conversations with strangers about motorbikes, photography, work, and life’s journey. It was a welcome chance to slow down and listen to others’ stories and experiences.

The One Show shifted our focus from the racing we love to shoot, to creativity thinking about a lot of different things. It was a lovely pause in our hectic schedule and well worth our participation. For more pictures of our weekend, be sure to check out our personal web site:

Geoff & Barb Nickless

*Source The One Motorcycle Show press release

2023 marks the 14th anniversary of The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon. This  three-day event was held at Zidell Yards, complete with a view of the Ross Island Bridge and Willamette River.


The One Moto Show entrance into the Barge Building.


Inside was the perfect industrial setting for all things motorcycle and the people who love them.


Do you eat it or wear it? A sampling from the 21 Helmets Gallery, a partnership with Bell Helmets featuring 21 pieces of custom head protection with artwork and designs from various artists.


Neon Industrial Art pieces by Modern Artifacts designed by Jeffrey Meyers.


Artist Spotlight: -Meet Makoto Endo


DIY custom pipe fitter handlebars. Don’t forget the Loctite!


Mark Williams’ NVT (Norton-Villiers-Triumph) short tracker, in a Track Master racing frame.


What can we say? We love classic flat trackers. Mickey Fay’s Triumph TT dirt tracker, with an A.R.D. Engineering belt drive magneto.


FMX rider Jimmy Hill. If you look closely, you can catch the expression on the truck passenger’s face as their vehicle passes over the venue.


Seattle Cossacks Stunt & Drill Team makes us want to run away and join the circus!


Icon and Stout Minis Boonie Bike Bonanza shenanigans, even Thor Drake got in on the action! All you needed to join the fun was your own helmet and to sign a release, of course.


Barb in Road Dirt garb and Todd Marella of The Clash tribute band Truncheon Things, after the Boonie Bike fun. Interesting race apparel.


There was even space for custom car lovers at The One Show. A Porsche 928 V8 on custom Volkswagen Bug chassis. That’s just cool.


How many of us remember the good old days in the basement running slot cars?


This custom-made belt was the ultimate trophy for the Champion of Champions. Builder Awards
“To wear this belt, you gotta earn it. And to earn it, you gotta take it from ME.”- Hulk Hogan


The Staff at The One Show were the Best! Hats off to putting on a great show!


Cycle World Athens


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