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Long-Term Review: 2023 Honda CB500X

I was riding the Honda CB500X back from spending the morning with my daughter and 3-month old grandson, throttling down a sparsely trafficked four lane county road. I glanced at my right mirror and noticed another motorcycle making for me in the right lane. I could tell by the silhouette it was another adventure bike by the wide panniers on either side. I gassed the little twin ADV, making him/her give chase. The stretch of road was undulating but largely empty, so we had some good natured fun diving across our pair of southbound lanes as he/she gradually gained on me. On a long straight the rider finally caught me and coming alongside on my right, I glanced over and saw my companion/competitor was a guy on a BMW 1250 GS. He was pointing at my Honda, pumping his thumb vigorously, clearly thrilled with our little chase through the curves.

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Motorcycle Gear: REV’IT! Restless Jacket

I must admit, I’ve found myself more often reaching for my REV’IT! Restless brown leather jacket lately, for its comfort, versatility, protection, and just downright good looks when out riding. This might be my new favorite go-to coat for the street. It’s just so retro-cool. Makes this old fart look sharper than he is.

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Listen Up

Podcasts are popular because they captivate listeners without the major expense of a video production. So, content creators have sought podcasts as a way to engage with an audience at an affordable rate. And the strategy is clearly working. Podcasts have been a huge hit, as people can listen to them on a commute, while they work, during a workout, etc. Before the pandemic hit, I used to listen to podcasts daily while I sat in traffic to and from work. I won’t lie, I don’t miss the commute or the traffic, as I’m currently working from home, but I do miss the chance to listen to the occasional podcast. I have since started listening to them during my regular jogs, as a change of pace from the steady stream of hair bands I typically listen to. It was during these jogs that I encountered the wave of new motorcycle-themed podcasts. I’ve sampled as many as I can and wanted to take this opportunity to share my findings with our readers.

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