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Bell Eliminator Helmet

I’ve long ridden with and appreciated Bell helmets. As kids, my brothers and I wore Bell lids while we tore dirt bikes through the woods behind our house in Fayetteville, Georgia and around my cousin Tommy’s house two towns over. Many racers I grew up watching on tv, whether road racing or dirt, wore Bell helmets, with that big white oval, red letter “BELL” logo emblazoned on the forehead above the visor. Bell Helmets meant racing glory to me, and turns out, for good reason.

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Lawrence of Arabia and the Motorcycle Helmet

I recently ran across a fascinating story of a legendary hero, whose tragic death paved the way for the development of the motorcycle helmet. Being a bit of a history buff, I just had to share this bit of motorcycling trivia that led to the not-so-trivial safety gear we all (hopefully) utilize every time we throw a leg over and throttle out on two wheels.

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Cardo Systems PackTalk Slim Review

I must admit to being a bit old school here. When I ride, I like to hear the sound of the bike beneath me, the wind rushing by around me. And yet, I concede the lure of listening to music, getting turn by turn GPS directions, or even taking a phone call in the helmet, has begun to have its appeal. Heck, our Road Dirt guys ride with varying degrees connection while out on the road. Joshua rocks open-faced helmets, “biker” style, completely unplugged, yet Ted plugs in tunes via earbuds to soundtrack his adventures, while Phil blasts classic hard rock through the fairing mount sound system in his Harley. And the rest of us kind of fall in among those variations.

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Is A Premium Helmet Worth The Money?

With a flood of helmets on the market ranging from under $50 to over $1,000, it is tempting to save money by buying a cheap lid. Beginning and veteran riders often ask: What’s the difference? Why do some helmets cost under a hundred bucks and others almost a thousand? Don’t they all have a DOT sticker? Won’t they all protect your head the same?

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Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet

Motorcycle helmet companies and industry safety foundations recommend replacing your cranium bucket every three to five years, with some manufacturers suggesting seven years from the date of the helmet’s construction. With that in mind, I figured I was due a new full-face lid. My old AFX had protected me for seven years, through track days and road trips, blazing sun and driving rain, from short hops uptown to cross-country adventures. It was time.

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