We steal a glimpse of the soon-to-be-revealed 2022 Royal Enfield INT 650 and Continental GT


Royal Enfield North America just announced the launch of new color schemes and upgrades for its 2022 650 Twin motorcycles—the INT 650 and the Continental GT 650. Both models will also receive a host of aesthetic upgrades, including blacked-out rims and fenders and black fork gaiters, adding a stylish flare to Royal Enfield’s modern classics.

The 2022 Royal Enfield 650 Twins, in a variety of trim options. Photo by Royal Enfield

The 2022 Royal Enfield INT 650 Twin will be available in two new Standard (single-tone) colors—Canyon Red and Ventura Blue—and two new Custom (dual-tone) colors—Downtown Drag and Sunset Strip—along with a new updated version of the chrome variant, the Mark 2. The Mark 2 Chrome INT 650 is an ode to the original Interceptor 750, a throwback to the golden age of 1960’s California motorcycle culture. The 2022 INT 650 Twin lineup retains the single-tone Orange Crush color and the timeless Baker Express dual-tone option that has been extremely popular for the moto maker.

The INT 650s in “Downtown Drag” and chrome “Mark 2”. Photos by Royal Enfield

The 2022 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 café racer will also be introduced in five new colors. Taking inspiration from the Continental GT of the 1960s and input from die-hard fans of this beloved model, RE will reintroduce the Conti GT 650 Twin in its most celebrated Rocker Red Standard (single-tone) and will also introduce the bike in the British Racing Green Standard color. We can’t wait to see both of those up close and in person. The 2022 Continental GT 650 will also be available in two new Custom (dual-tone) color schemes—Dux Deluxe and Ventura Storm—with an updated version of the chrome variant called Mister Clean.

A pair of Royal Enfield Continental GT 650s, in “British Racing Green” and “Ventura Storm”. Photos by Royal Enfield

With seven color options on the 2022 INT 650 Twin, and five new colors on the 2022 Continental GT 650 Twin, both motorcycles will get a range of aesthetic updates as well to compliment the new color patterns. Royal Enfield will reveal blacked-out rims and fenders on additional color variants of the INT 650 Twin, adding to its classic appeal. This update was introduced following the overwhelmingly positive response to the blacked-out rims that were previously only available on their dual-tone models. In addition to the rims and fenders, both model lines will come equipped with black fork gaiters, which we at Road Dirt think is especially cool.

Top view of a Conti 650 GT in “Rocker Red”. Photo by Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield continues its focus on growing the middleweight segment with affordable, approachable and accessible bikes ideal for beginner-level to seasoned riders. The 2022 models in INT 650 in Standard color schemes will be available at $5,999. Custom color bikes will retail for $6,199 and the chrome variant Mark 2 models will be available at $6,699. The Continental GT 650 in Standard colors will be available at $6,199, while Custom colors will sell for $6,499 and the chrome variant Mister Clean for $6,999.

2022 Royal Enfield North America Pricing-

INT 650 Standard: $5,999.00

INT 650 Custom: $6,199.00

INT 650 Special (chrome): $6,699.00

Continental GT 650 Standard: $6,199.00

Continental GT 650 Custom: $6,499.00

Continental GT 650 Special (chrome): $6,999.00

Oh. Yeah. Let’s ride. Photo by Royal Enfield

The 2022 Royal Enfield INT 650 Twin and 2022 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin motorcycles will begin arriving at North American dealerships mid-September, we’re being told. As soon as we get our hands on one, we’ll give a full writeup with photos and footage. Royal Enfield is checking all the right boxes for American riders, and their worldwide appeal continues to grow with each new model and year. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of today’s motorcycle riders.

For more on Royal Enfield and their offerings, as well as their forays into MotoAmerica and American Flat Track racing, click here:

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  1. William

    Very nice, but when are we getting the street scramber and being a street scramber I really hope they don’t put high level pipes on it, come on royal Enfield stop keeping us waiting!!!!

    • Rob Brooks

      We’d like to see that too. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on RE rolling out a “street scrambler” soon.

    • Sumit

      They are naming it Scram. Shares same engine as of Himalayan. Picture are already out of it’s testing being done here in India.

    • Sumit

      They are naming it Scram. Shares same engine as of Himalayan. Picture are already out of it’s testing being done here in India.

      • Shailesh

        GT 650 colours introduced in india are not good .I am waitng for dr mayhem .please reintroduce in india with tubeless tyres and third navigator, and black engine


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