My initial experience with the RAM Mounts X-Grip was not good- and it was my own fault.

While on a 7-day, 1500+ mile tour of the Baja Peninsula last year with MotoQuest, the Suzuki 650 V-Strom they supplied me had an X-Grip mounted on the left handlebar. I had fitted my iPhone into the spring-loaded cradle properly and securely, but within the first few hours of riding north out of Cabo San Lucas, my phone flew off the mount, bouncing down the road and into the grassy median. No harm done to the phone, which I had (wisely) housed in a tough OtterBox case. What I had (unwisely) neglected to secure was the X-Grip Tether, the elastomeric wrap supplied with the unit for when the X-Grip is used out in high winds or G-forces.

Lesson learned.

For the remainder of our road trip, I was careful to wrap the tether grip around the corners of my phone as well as snapping it in the cradle, and my iPhone never budged again, over multiple terrain scenarios. Perfect. Note to self: follow directions. Now, I wanted one for myself.

My friend Brent Cooper of Cycle Gear Lawrenceville, GA set me up with a RAM X-Grip for my Triumph Bonneville Street Cup, and I found the unit quick and easy to install on the bars of my bike. A cold, windy, rainy Georgia winter has precluded much riding so far, but the few times I’ve been able to log some miles and hours, the RAM Mounts X-Grip has not disappointed. I tried several size and model phones in it, from my wife’s larger/newer iPhone (mine’s an old 6s), to my daughter Kelsey’s iPhone 10, to a couple of Samsungs and LGs. The spring-loaded cradle easily grips everything I placed in it, and with the exception of the i10, I could get the tether over each corner of the respective phones.

If you purchase a RAM Mounts X-Grip (highly recommended), be sure to attach the tether to the unit as instructed, then use it, and drop a bit of Super Glue (also highly recommended) down in each of the 4 rubber caps supplied for the cradle. You’ll be glad you did.

The RAM Mounts X-Grip is a great accessory for your ride- tough, reliable, and affordable.

Check out their product line:
Cycle Gear carries them all:

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  1. Ron Ahlstedt

    I use a use the same Ram and I’ve never had a problem with it.


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