American Iron Magazine Shuts Down After 31 Years


In the midst of a economically debilitating pandemic, and in light of the dramatic changes taking place across the print publishing world in recent years, the iconic motorcycle magazine American Iron has announced the current issue #390 will be their last. This comes as the most recent casualty in a series of print deaths across the past several years. We’ve seen the departure of Motorcyclist and Cycle World (two publications this author freelanced for), Cruiser, American Bagger, Hot Bike, Cruising Rider, even Motorcycle Consumer News, among others. Some of these have gone digital/social media, while others simply folded. This is not exclusive to motorcycle magazines, as the entire print industry continues to experience upheaval, especially in these current trying times.

In a statement released by Editor-in-Chief Buzz Kanter yesterday on their website and across social media, Kanter explained-


American Iron Magazine, published since 1989, has suspended publication.

The world has changed significantly. The motorcycle business has changed. And the magazine industry has too. Unfortunately, not for the better – short or long term.

For the last 31 years our team has worked hard responding successfully to the trends, opportunities and changes. But when our advertising crashed with the recent spread of the virus, we ran out of options. We trimmed the page count and content in our magazines, but that was not enough to make a difference.

Rather than watch our magazines decline even further, we have suspended publication as we explore our options. It is not an easy decision for American Iron MagazineAmerican Iron Garage and American Iron Salute, but it is the right one.

The last issue of American Iron Magazine was Issue #390, on sale last week.

Since 1989, I have been fortunate to work with really great editors, art directors and contributors who were dedicated, creative, hard working and smart. They had to be to achieve what we did for more than three decades. And a big thanks to all of our readers and advertisers, who supported our efforts so passionately.

Rather than dwell on the end of our magazines, I hope you’ll join us remembering your favorite articles, writers, photographers and events that we have enjoyed over the years. There have been so many.

Thank you one and all for your support, encouragement and friendship. It’s been a heckuva ride.

Buzz Kanter – Editor-in-Chief.

picture of American Iron 390

Issue 390, the last of an iconic publication.

These are indeed difficult times in the world, socially, medically, and economically. We take nothing for granted here at Road Dirt, as several of us have experienced the adversity ourselves. Joshua, Ted, Phil, Dean and myself all edited and/or contributed to publications now departed. And for these reasons, we have no plans to ever attempt to go print. We’re grateful for the growing success we’re finding in our little niche of the online motorcycling genre, and will continue to bring you the best in “down-home, grassroots” motorcycle stories and news, with our distinctive “RIDE LIFE” angle.

We wish all the best to Buzz and the good people at American Iron. They produced a fantastic publication for many years. May they find a new way forward.


*photos by American Iron Magazine

picture of Buzz Kanter

Best to you, Buzz.


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