We talk with “America’s Ambassador of Motorcycling” about his years in the powersports industry, his unlikely introduction to motorcycling, and his vision for the future of our sport.


I’ve followed the work of Robert Pandya for many years, from his writings in various motorcycle magazines, his television and internet appearances advocating for the powersports industry, and have hoped to meet the man in person some day. Back in early 2019, as we were trying to get Road Dirt off the ground, I found Robert on LinkedIn and reached out to connect. He was always responsive, helpful and encouraging, offering tips and insights that we both appreciated and incorporated. We’ve corresponded fairly regularly in the years since, and I’ve always been grateful for his friendliness, candor, and honesty in our exchanges.

When I learned Robert would be attending the IMS Outdoors weekend in Atlanta, I asked if we could meet in person, and record an interview with him. He enthusiastically agreed, offering the use of his Airstream for our discussion. And that’s what ensued, more of a conversation than an interview. Robert was as friendly and engaging in person as he has been digitally. Over a cup of hot coffee Saturday morning of the Show, we discussed the state of the motorcycle industry in America, his work and years with the IMS, his comical and unlikely introduction to motorcycles, and his vision for welcoming a new generation into our sport/lifestyle. We even got to meet Sami, his canine traveling companion. It was in this conversation that the moniker, “America’s Ambassador of Motorcycling” occurred to me, and I find it very befitting the man, considering his years, experiences, and passion. Apparently, many now agree with me.

So thank you Robert for a very enjoyable, entertaining, and insightful conversation. You represent us all very well. May your vision become a reality in the years ahead. Let’s ride.


*There’s one more IMS weekend left, at the Orange County Convention Center in SoCal, November 19-21. for tickets, click here:

IMS Outdoors

*Watch our interview/conversation here, without ever leaving the page:


  1. Robert Pandya

    Thanks for the opportunity Rob – I’m always happy to take part in interviews like this and appreciate that you let me speak out and tell some stories. All the best!

    • Rob Brooks

      The pleasure was ours, my friend!


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