Month: January 2019

A Ride to Remember 9-11

Cycle World Athens hosted its 12th annual Ride to Remember on September 9, and the event surpassed all expectations, in attendance and impact. What began as a customer appreciation ride back in the early 2000s quickly morphed into the 9-11 Ride to Remember.

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Number of Women Riders Is Growing

According to a recent survey, nearly 1 in 5 motorcycle owners in America is now female, compared with 1 in 10 less than a decade ago, based on data accumulated by the Motorcycle Industry Council. In fact, the data suggests that women may soon comprise ¼ of total motorcycle ownership in the U.S., a major shift in motorcycling demographics.

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Ride Naked

First introduced in 1999 as Suzuki’s answer to the Ducati 620 Monster, the SV650 is considered by many to be among the first of what’s now called the “naked” or “street fighter” class. A true do-everything motorcycle, with a throaty v-twin growl and fantastic power and handling, dealerships couldn’t keep the bikes in stock on their showrooms. Equally embraced by beginners and veterans for its ease of use and maintenance, the SV was at home as a commuter, corner-carver, or track day toy.

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Mike & Rob’s Epic Adventure

Several years ago, as my friend Mike Hinton and I planned an epic East-West September road trip, Mike had quipped, “The best part will be the people we’ll meet.” That struck me, as I anticipated the landmarks, sights, and experiences on the open road would be the best parts. Turns out, Mike was prophetic.

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Mystic Rhythms

There is a state of mind, of spirit, that long miles and hours in the saddle can bring to a rider. A state of peace, tranquility, relaxation, yet complete focus, awareness and control that a rider settles into out on the open road.

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