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Chasing George Wyman, Part 1

The first time Tim showed up at Janus, he told us the story of George A. Wyman, the first person to cross America on a motorcycle, in fact a motor vehicle of any sort. Apparently, this pioneer of motorcycling had passed right through our hometown of Goshen, Indiana on his historic ride from San Francisco to New York City in the early summer of 1903, not a block from where the Janus Motorcycles world headquarters stands. Tim had been working hard, along with a couple of other individuals, to document and raise awareness of George Wyman and his historic ride, as well as creating and marking waypoints along his route. We were quick to accept his request to post a Wyman waypoint sign on the outside of our shop commemorating this historic feat of motorcycling. In the spring of 2018, Tim’s visit was to install the waypoint sign in a more visible location at the front of our (at the time) newly expanded showroom and to install the formal Wyman memorial plaque just below it.

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Janus Motorcycles- The Past Meets The Present

Richard Worsham is the founder and CEO of Janus Motorcycles, a small bike building outfit in the northern Indiana town of Goshen. Founded in 2011, Richard and company build one-off bespoke single thumper motorcycles that look a century old, but sport modern components. The motorbikes have a design and vibe that hearkens back to an earlier time not only in motorcycling, but also in America. Reminiscent of motorcycles from the 1920s-30s (think Brough Superior, early Indians, etc.), Janus Motorcycles garner attention everywhere they are ridden. And being HQed in Goshen, a region rich in good old American manufacturing yet with a classic small town spirit, Janus Moto is successfully marrying the best of the new with the tried and true.
And Richard is realizing his childhood dream.

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